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Assuming you didn't get to this page by hitting "Random Item" in a desperate attempt to find something interesting, i'm gonna talk about my boring self now...

25. White. Male. Single. As a troper i hit pretty much all the stereotypes generally attributed to us. My favorite works usually include: Explosions, Humongous Mecha, Physics-defying martial arts, boundaries being pushed, people actually working for their power and large breasts. I haven't done much in the way of editing articles and usually just prattle on with everyone in the video games or anime forum.

My backloggery's here. Crunchyroll profile here. Feel free to add me on Skype. My name is... Shirow Shirow.

I have a habit of overusing italicized text in my forum posts.

On to my tropes!

Feel free to vandalise! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when people ackknowledge my existence.

Instead I feel warm and cozy watching people out in the rain! Good to see another Gosh Dang It to Heck! troper here. Feel free to vandalize back whenever you want. - Belfagor

Where does your screen-name come from, Shirow^2? - Clearall

Named myself after Masamune Shirow, creator of Ghost In The Shell and Dominion Tank Police. The man that got me into anime. "Masamune Masamune" sounds too much like a pair of swords.

You have insulted my honor! Draw your sword, vagrant! - X2X

Here, have a Caramelldansen video :) - Omega Kross

This troper page is like God Of War, because it's got swords and you kill people in it.- Air Of Mystery

I'd rage at that, but that would remind me too much of God Of War.

You are A MAN OF BURNING VIGOR! - Schitzo

I will show you MY TRUE POWER! - Demongodofchaos2

A game like that, is worth buying! Who do you think demongod is!?

  • Who else wants the next Pegasus Saint to be a girl that is actually well-written? - SaintDeltora
    • Also... Mind if I put you in my friends list?

  • -Carves "A Vandal was here. Hide the women and bury the gold.- —Journeyman