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Wheezy debuted on November 7, 1990. It tells the story of CS Jones, a quiet Starving Artist whose internet handle, derived from a high school nickname, provides the current working title.

The "show" is notable for its unusual format - it's made entirely in Real Life, in Real Time, and features no script or direction. The cast, crew, and audience are just whoever happen to wander in. Little of it has been written about, little moving footage of it is known to exist, and it's gone completely unadvertised, although various spinoff stories, character blogs, and pieces of Concept Art have been posted online, to decent reception.

Production began in the D.C. metro area, then moved to Florida 10 years through its run due to Executive Meddling and cost concerns. With the move came a Halfway Plot Switch that took the series in a Darker and Edgier direction. This was widely considered a mistake. 15 years later, it relocated again to Philadelphia, where it's still set.


It's received mixed reviews, and although it may have developed a small cult following in the areas where it's produced (it's hard to tell), many have also dismissed it as "depressing," "too self-indulgent," and "lacking focus." However, all of the cast involved have been praised for their extremely convincing performances as themselves.

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