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I'm 17, I'm young and I'm restless, I have only one life to live and I'm going to follow my guiding light and seach for a place where I can be bold and beautiful as the world turns.

I absolutely don't watch soap opearas.

I'm goofy, easy-going, loopy girl with big dreams and little holding me back.

In the grand scheme of things life is short but it's the longest thing we'll ever experience and dammit I'm going to enjoy my time.


I try not to be judgemental of others but of course I am only human so sometimes it gets away from me.

I love you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Unless you killed me. Nope not even death can kill my love for (wo)mankind.

Future philosopher? Maybe. Professor Duncan of African American Studies Possibly. World renowned poet/author? One of these days babe. Die-hard political reporter? Where there's a will there's a way. UN Peace Keeper? Can you say Palestine-Israeli peace treaty? Checkout girl at Wal-Mart? If I'm not careful.

Keep on keeping on. That's the only guarantee I'm comfortable guaranteeing

My Life was ruined late November 2009.


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You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Or Not. Tell me anyways.:

  • Looks like I'm your first; the 2nd time is going to be way better. I hear you're a fan of Hendrix, we should rant about him sometime. — Kino
  • You sound awesome. And you're a fan of Aerosmith? <3 — Compassionate Sadist
  • A fellow Hendrix and Aerosmith fan. All you gotta do is mentiion you like the Stones and you're me. Cheers to that. —Juancarlos11
  • Er.. I can't remember the context of why you vandalised my page? Did you mean some one else? wellinever
  • You sound incredibly awesome. I too have an unhealthy Hendrix obsession and was born in the wrong decade! —peachvodka
  • You look familiar...maybe I'm just going nuts, but I think I've seen you at my college...confirm/deny? *Hides quickly* ~Blake Diamond

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