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Well, uh, hello, I guess.

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Mainly hangs around the fora, though I have created this page, and I am currently undertaking cleaning up Memetic Mutation. At the rate I'm going, it might be finished just in time for the Second Coming of Christ. If I'm lucky. (Though props are deserving for Moon Child 02, who did most of my work for me on the Memes.Film page. Thank you, mysterious masked stranger.)

I was working on something, but it got axed. The project was, if anyone is interested, an analysis page for Fisher Price (located here), but I halted it when I realized it would be little more than an aping of Uncyclopedia's page. If anyone else wants to give it a shot, they're more than welcome to.


Is a proud member of SILVERWARE note 

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Churchtank 7C is the best fucking sculpture ever, and you are awesome for having it as your avatar. — Wheezy

— It's a sculpture? — OurGLORIOUSLeader