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Well, I'm a contributor. I'll hopefully add tropes that describe me and whatever else is expected of a contributor's page once I stop being lazy. I am not very knowledgeable, but I definitely try to reply intelligently to most topics, with varying amounts of success. Feel free to vandalize. Actually, by clicking on the profile link, you are legally obligated to vandalize.

Tropes that fit me are:

Tropes that fit me that other Tropers have put:


Any other vandalizations go here:

  • Vandalised! —sgrunt
  • What does AHR stand for? - Aliroz The Confused.
    • Not telling. note 
  • Hello. You were pretty cool to me when I started here, so... thanks. —Gentleman Orcus
  • GLOMP'D rumetzen
  • stupid obligatory vandalism... -This guy
  • Oh, baby. Your silky-smooth currents drive my family farther from the shore. Their screams die out in the flying breeze as I take my final plunge into your waters. - Soliferrum
  • Leigh Sabio was here.
  • Would it be against protocol to say that I admire you? If it is, I apologise for offence...oh, well...Beholderess
  • Well gee, if it's the law... - spasticgecko
  • I am here to glean some snippet of infomation on you I can use to make the next post in a forum game. Coffee? - Bisected8
  • Curse my lawful alignment! Count Dorku
  • Your breath smells and your river is made from elderberries. - Autarch
  • Hi AHR. Since you violated my page I shall violate yours! All over. >=) -Sporkaganza
  • After seeing your rapeface on the Photos thread I practiced mine on the mirror. It wasn't nearly as good as yours =(. And yeah, that's probably something wrong with me for having done that. -WUE
  • The law is the law. -dmboogie
  • Obligated? Aw man, I don't even know you, even though you seem pretty cool. - Tjatter
  • You cannot make me vandalize your page! I will never... oh wait... - daltar
  • You just lost The Game- Sal Fish Fin
  • Mhm, if I'm supposed to vandalize now... Y'know, AHR, A_H_R, these dashes unnecessarily complicate the cyberstalk - G.
  • Upon further review, you are awesome, and totally a cool person. Lockon Lockon
  • This is my first time vandalizing a troper's page. Please be gentle with me. ;> Tnophelia
  • A hurried ransacking. ~Zudak
  • Quack quack quack! -Charlatan
  • Hiya! Just stopping by to lovingly vandalize! ...I don't know if that combination of words has ever before been typed. - Longfellow
  • Mind if I have a word with you for a moment? The word is "pnigalion". Don't tell anyone, it's a secret! Noaqiyeum
  • Since I'm here, I might as well say something. From what I've observed, you seem like an okay person. -rmctagg09
  • I hereby vandalize this page as per law. Also enjoying Your forum presence even if You are so mean as You want other people to believe. - Cormoran
  • Why would you want your perfectly good walls spoiled by such nasty vandalism? Sbluen
  • The faeries were here, vandalizing your page... possibly removing walls. - a faerie
  • I get to post under the faeries? HOW FABULOUSLY FITTING~!!! (I'm usually Straight Gay, but caffeine brings out my campiness, and I'm on my second can of Red Bull as I write this, so...yeah.) - Blake Diamond