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The Lucky Star (Lucky or Star or Nick or Lusta for short) is a peculiar and friendly young man who likes anime and video games, has a lot of fictional creations, hopes to be a professional author one day and is very quirky. He rarely takes himself seriously, prefers to look on the positive side of things and is liable to tie you up and snugglerape you.

He has a fascination with the cosmos, the occult-stroke-mystical, crazy colours, awesome stuff, weird stuff, cute stuff, creepy stuff and his own imagination.


Always happy to talk or help out, charmingly silly (or so he hopes) and a nice person overall, Lucky is just around to have fun and revel in the deliciously tropey culture.

Currently working on writing Starlight Days.

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The vandalism section:

Leave a comment if you stop by~!

All you needed to do was ask, dahling ^_~ So here, vandalization FOR GREAT JUSTICE! —Outta The BLAM

  • Huzzah!

Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!! We have no time for panic, there's a war on! ~Zyxzy

  • B-but I'm a lover, not a fighter! D:

Relax, young man, all will come in their own good time - Parable

  • Good to know...I think.

I have nothing useful to say, so I offer a dollar as payment for defiling your contributor page, good sir. —Central Avenue.

  • And I shall accept your dollar graciously, though it serves me no purpose.

Hello, thank your lucky stars! -Kinkajou

  • Hello to you too!

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Lucky makes me a very confused person. —goodtimesfreegrog

  • Ohohohoho, I try~ ;3

Not trying to be mean or anything, but are you really bisexual? Just wanting to know thank you. If you don't want to answer thats fine with me Leoganado

  • Don't worry, it's fine. Yes, I am.

I was going to say something insightful or ambiguously moving. But I forgot what it was. So I'm just gonna say this. Hi there! Your page has been vandalized. ...Well, vandalized more. —Timber!

  • Well, thank you!

O hai -huggles- -Schitzo


Thanks for stopping by, vandalizing my page and declaring me your friend without even asking me. Considering that the reasons are damn good, I just declare yourself my friend too. - Nyarly

  • Huggles~

Hooray for other people with girly-Hayate avatars. We should start a club. —Yamii Denryuu

  • That's a great idea! You're my new friend.

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