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I am a twenty-something year old Brit who has just finished University and who hopefully now has a degree in Creative Writing and English. I've come to enjoy many things through TV Tropes, most notably anime and manga. This profile is slowly being updated. :)

Here are a couple of tropes to describe me a little (please add as you see fit):


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    Comic Books 

    Fan Fic 



    Live Action TV 


    Manga and Anime 


    Music Videos 

    New Media 

    Newspaper Comics 

    Oral Tradition 


    Sound FX 

    Tabletop Games 



    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

    Web Animation 

    Web Original 

Please feel free to write on my wall.:) But don't be rude, please. :(

Sonic Adventure 2 rocks; you have excellent taste! They really need to stop making these silly next gen games and give us more chao. Sorry, I'm not quite sure how to format you a vandal section. ;) - Alexander_U.E.

  • Thank-you! I love the chao gardens, and collecting all of the emblems, too. I think Sonic Colours is looking pretty good, though.

You like Sonic Adventure two (the chao were the best part), you have hope for Sonic Colors, you read House Of Leaves, and you like Death Note. I like all those things! You have really good taste. You're really great, you know that? Stay that way. - Aliroz The Confused.

  • Aw, thank-you, that's very sweet of you.

You like Sonic Adventure 2? Awesome, so did I. Me and my sister used to play it all the time on the Game Cube. We spent a lot of time in the chao gardens- more time than actually playing the game, in fact. Kind of weird, but hey, I had an extensive collection of dark chao! -Gentleman Orcus

  • I've yet to get any dark chao. :( But I'm working on it, and I find the gardens fun and kinda soothing. :)

You said you liked my avatars. Clearly a person of great taste! —Irony Adams

  • Thankyou! Your Sherlock avatars are wonderful indeed.

YES! I FOUND ONE! Seriously, there are not enough L-fangirls out there. L kicks major ass, am I right? And SA 2 is awesome, it needs more love.

  • Game Spazzer
  • He seems to have a bit of love, at least, in the fandom. Could always do with more, though! And, yes, he does! :P SA 2 is awesome, I know people say that it's when the series starting taking a nosedive but it's a fun game.

You like Sonic Adventure 2, eh? While it's no Sonic Unleashed in my opinion, I always did find it to be quite enjoyable, especially the Chao Garden. By the way, how's Sonic Colors shaping up to be in your opinion so far: Good? Bad? Somewhere in between? I'm curious, is all. - Komodin

  • Sonic Colors looks pretty awesome, imo. :D It looks fun and appropriately cartoonish. The thing with the wisps looks good, too; something that will add an extra element of gameplay without detracting from it. Sonic Unleashed is very good, it's just that the only time I've played it was for a bit on my friend's PS 3, as I lack the right console. :S

I see your page hasn't been hit by my vandalism! Preposterous! I'm fixing it right now. Anyone who has an avatar gallery of less than 100 pieces deserves my vandalism because.. because.. because.. ehrm.... yeah. You may think of adding something to those poor empty folders. They have feelings too. - WUE

  • Hey! Thanks for your vandalism! I need to get more avatars for definite. Maybe some Ouran ones and some Baccano ones. I know, it's a work in progress. I'm just lazy. :P
    • Oh, I can totally relate on the lazy part. You're forgiven. :3 - WUE

Weissritter thinks you're a pretty swell gal.

  • :3 Thank-you.

Oh, hey, you're British too? This country just got more awesome. :D -emeriin

  • -blush- heh. Thanks. :D

Sonic Adventure 2 is one of my favorites also. A good chunk of the music heard on the game is just really great, and I can't even come close as to which song from the game I enjoy hearing the most. Right now, I believe "Masters of the Desert: Egg Golem" (the version with the electric guitar lead part) may be the front-runner as my personal favorite, but even the secondary version for the "King Boom Boo" boss is just as awesome in my opinion. Respond on my Troper page if you want to. (8^) ~ AlBundyFan365

I agree with what Dovey said! I like to see you in threads, that often means fun times are ahead. —Blackmoon

  • Aw, thanks. :)

You sound like a nice girl. And I must admit I have a fondness for the accent. Hat's off to you. - Amused Troper Guy