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Hi. I'm em. I'll make this quick so I don't bore you: I'm 26, very much an ill thing (BPD and conversion disorder: chronic pain because of paranoia, anxiety and emotional trauma), white, NB and bisexual. I mostly frequent tumblr and will usually defend the social justice section, I love the hell out of Adventure Time, Doctor Who will always have a place in my heart, most female characters that people can't stand are my faves, and I will never be sorry about clinging to Demo Reel.

Emeriin is cool! I approve of your tastes in nightmare fetishism, and there are not enough people who are fans of all three sorts of pairings. -elemcee

Nice. —blamspam

Thanks, you seem like a nice person as well. First time I've been mistaken for a girl though. Must inject more testosterone into my veins. - Legionnaire

  • -Knock Knock- KarlKadaver's Fresh Kookie Deivery Service! Have a cookie!

  • Commence attack run! -desdendelle

  • *waves EUPHEMISM in the air* yaaaaah, I spear with this thing :P want some sympathizing, too? -CaligulaSympathizer
    • After the day I've had, I'd love some. :)
    • :o...awww....then I'll give you...HUGGLEZ.

  • I just realised I haven't vandalised you yet. Unforgivable. So... hi!! -Karasu91

  • Hey, Em. Thought I'd drop by and vandalise your page (and say hi). -Zadia/Astra