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     Image Macros (that I made/resized and uploaded) 

     Images I liked but didn't make and am storing here for easy access and also laziness 

  • YOU! FUCK YEAH! Schitzo
  • Hey there, pal! 8D Electivirus
  • GREETINGS! -glomps-A Crack In Time
  • We'll see about that!- rmctagg09
  • Kingdom Hearts fan? I personally prefer the Disney characters over the Square characters. Just my personal tastes. BonsaiForest
  • The Land Down Under has the best people? Bah!Allan Assiduity
  • I confused you for a girl even though everyone in the Dissidia topic was using masculine pronouns for you! - Hobgoblin
  • 'Hoy thar. Go... kill Mysterious Figure or something I don't know - Turtle
  • I don't know you too well, but you seem nice. And I confused you for a girl too, my apologies. -emeriin
  • Hi from the RPs. Thanks for taking some of the burden off my shoulders. —Sabre's Edge
  • Spirit wuz here. - Spirit
  • Legion, get back on the Normandy! I need your help fighting the Reapers!—Air Of Mystery
  • I think it's awesome that someone besides me likes FFVIII and has actually heard of Freelancer. —montagohalcyon
  • So you admit that you're a bit of a ChallengeGamer. 'Bout time. —Keyseeker
  • Hi Legion! I could leave you a vocaroo message here, but... nahhh. XD —Serenitas
  • GILGAMESH! That is all. - X2X
  • -cracks knuckles- You lay one finger on Flinders Street Station and you're going down.Suspiciouscookie
  • Everyone is saying all these cool phrases and quotes and what-not. All I have is this lame sentence observing it. —Angelistoftenshi
  • -sees Legionnaire fightin ther final boss- JOHN FREEMAN OVER HERE —nomuru2d
  • I can't really think of anything cool to say that won't sound cheesy... but did I mention you're awesome? —fourteenwings
  • I read this and have the desire to watch Eva again. Also, that 'Human Reaper' demotivational? Fucking. Awesome. — Wagrid
  • You are officially the challenge gamer playing us all in the Skype Call FFVIII Cosplay. —XiphonIII
  • I am here and all I want to do is start a LARGE HAM contest of NCR v. Legion —Sirboulevard
  • Who's awesome? You're awesome! —Medicus
  • Hai! ^-^ —Zersk
  • You seem to speak for all. Maybe you're not really a legionnaire but rather the Voice of the Legion. - Amused Troper Guy
  • One of your macros has Italian text! Italian Tropers are hiding everywhere...Belfagor
  • You should lighten up, you know! watch some ponies :P — fakeangelbr
  • ...Why is there a laser gun shooting a sword? ....Oh, wait, that's just Bloo with a glowing sword. Never mind. —Stargirl93
  • I think you're really cool and awesome! :D —Bookyangel2438