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AN: Large-scale renovation in progress. Lots of cleaning, spellchecking, updating, and such to follow.

This page is ALWAYS under construction. Please make sure to wear your hardhat at all times, and please don't spray-paint on the walls. Seriously.

-Please watch your step-

All seriousness aside, you've stepped into Karl's Profile Page. Nice and comfy? Cool. *sits* Now, I'm supposing you want to know more about me. That's why you clicked my name, amirite?

Or maybe it was some sort of mistake. Internet browsers do that sometimes. It's cool. Just go up to the top of the page and click on the arrow that's pointing left. I won't be offended. Honest.

Still here? Wow. I...I'm flattered.

Well, for starters, I've been lurking TV Tropes for some time now, and now almost constantly think in Trope-Speak. Which is good, because I fancy myself as some kind of writer (I'm actually a faceless drone who spends a majority of his time in a cubicle maze, working for The Man). I have a few works published on Lately, I've taken a flying leap into the world of fanfiction by writing my first My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fanfic, Say Neigh To Zombies (which is now being read on You Tube!). I've also written a couple of more kid-friendly fic starring my Author Insert, Quilliam Bartholomew Inkwell III. Yeah, I'm a brony.

I have lots of works-in-progress.

I'm the jerk responsible for In A World Like Ours, a superhero story I've had cooking in my head for a while. (I haven't updated it lately because of superheroic writer's block).

I'm also responsible for putting some other crap fiction on the internet. You can find it all on,, or on my hard drive (if you’re a 1337 HAXX0r) When I'm not writing and being generally Distracted by the Shiny, I'm either reading, writing, playing videogames, watching TV, or here playing the forum games.

You can also find some more of my crap writing (as well as random thoughts and rants) on Live Journal, by the way. Won't you be my friend?

If not, I won't be offended. Honest.

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I generally read badfics such as:
Or, I like to read ‘’good’’ fanfics like:

I'm currently looking for other good fanfiction to read. Suggest something! Please?

Remember kiddos, just because it's not listed here, it doesn't mean I don't like it. I'm very open-minded. More than likely, I simply forgot to type it in.



  • Chivalry is dead. The Illuminati killed it. —Sean Murray I

  • And before you knew it, your page was just made perfect. -Rivux

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  • So you like dead bodies, and ponies? shiver -Tropers/eternalNoob
  • Me Vandalsta. -VmKid
  • So I was walking around downtown looking for a place to eat, right, because there are just so many options and I'm looking for something other than the average pastry and latte, and suddenly this kangaroo pops up in front of me and do you know what the kangaroo said it said, "Well," it said, "Nice day, isn't it?" and I replied, "Yeah, lovely," as you do, because kangaroos can probably kill you in one slash because you know, everything in Australia's poisonous, and then it looked at me and said, "What are you implying by that," and I said, "Nothing," and it said, "Nah, mate, I saw your look, you were thinking something," and I said, "Of course I was thinking something, you can't just think of nothing," and the kangaroo just gave me this look and said, "Oh, come on, mate, you're obviously lying, it's not like you've got a mask on or anything, I can see the look on your face," and I said, "What look?" and it said, "Don't play innocent with me, darl, you know what I'm talking about," and I said, "Well, you're a talking kangaroo, and I think I might be hallucinating due to my hunger pains," and the kangaroo was like, "No, no, that's rubbish, what are you really thinking about?" and I'm like, "Well, the weather's bloody awful, isn't it?" because it's raining and thundering and everything, and the kangaroo's looking at me all offended and I'm absolutely starving at this point, so I grab my pickaxe that I carry around everywhere, as you do when you live in Australia because, you know, huge poisonous things everywhere and all, and I poke the kangaroo in the shoulder with the handle and say, "Hey, get me a bandaid, I'm holding this thing by the blade," so it hops away to get me one, you know, Aussie spirit and all, and I make a quick getaway, thinking 'Thank God I carry spare ketchup with me'. So that was my day. How have you been? :) ~ Aralyn
    • Kangaroos can be real jerks sometimes. Not that I would know because I live in the United States where nothing is poisonous and the worst possible thiing that can happen is my double latte doesn't have enough cream in it. :P - Karl Kadaver
    • Oh, that happened to me once! I told the barista off and he told me to get bent. It was the worst day of my life ^u^ ~ Aralyn
  • A Karl Kadaver tale, by that guy. Girl. Thing.
    • So one day, Karl Kadaver was walking down this street, right, and he came across this massive turtle just out of nowhere toddling down the street pretty quickly and the turtle was like, "What are you looking at, kid?" and Karl Kadaver's like, "Well, you're an insanely massive turtle, and you're pretty much walking down Main Street," and the turtle's like, "So I'm not allowed to go on a little stroll every once in a while?" and Karl's like, "No, of course you are, it's just strange, isn't it?" and the turtle's like, "What's strange? Are you calling me strange?" and Karl's like, "No, not you, but just the idea of a massive turtle walking down the street-" but the turtle interrupts and says, "So you're calling me strange," and Karl's like, "Yeah, pretty much," and the turtle's getting all offended and says, "Want to know what I think about you?" like a total jerk and starts to stand on two legs like a total ninja and Karl just wings up with his Wire Fu and beats the shit out of that turtle with a blueberry pastry and was starting to leave when it turned out it was actually Aralyn under that turtle costume and Karl said, "Well, that's a great costume and all, but just because you're hiding under a mask doesn't mean you can be a demonstration of GIFT," and Aralyn's like, "Well, that's my blueberry muffin!" and Karl's like, "Well, that's not any reason to get into a turtle suit and go wandering around town," and Aralyn's like, "I wasn't going around town, I was looking for my blueberry muffin," and Karl says, "Here, have a million bucks," and Aralyn's like, "Bloody hell, thanks!" and then it stopped raining. So what have we learned today? 1. Money does indeed make happiness, and 2. Instead of kissing a frog and getting a prince, you should beat the hell out of a turtle and feed the hungry chick that results some pastry thing.
    • The twist ending really got me!
  • Ever heard the sound of a rapist's neck snapping ? Fantastic !! ~Dhana Ragnarok
  • Your avvy. It's adorable. Is there a full version of it? - Eskay64