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I usually post on the music forum. It's nice to meet you.

While you're here, you should recommend me something cool.

Here are some pages I created.

Here is some vandalism.

Hey! I would like to buy Half Life and... Oh! That steam! That's cool too! —Wartys Neryon

  • Just remembered... Vandalizing again... Just about to crack a Valve joke but I already did so. —Earl of Sandvich

Daft Punk! I have a poster of them hanging up jere. Love 'em. You've got good taste. Tre

  • ^ Seconded. Daft Punk is the shit. And welcome to TV Tropes! Remember to pick up the free gift bag and get your hand stamped on the way out.

The faeries welcome you to TV Tropes. Come and have something to eat with us. - a faerie
The faeries are leaving toads and diamonds.