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Just your average lazy ameteur cartoonist here ("cartoonist" meaning comic book maker - people who make cartoons are called animators.). I'm addicted to anime and drawing. My DA page is here:

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  • Hello. I'm making this section for you. Happy Troping! -Enkufka

  • Haldo-chan~! *huggles* -Compassionate Sadist

  • Unicorns and rainbows and Haldo oh my -PantheraSapiensEllipsis

  • I read your name as Waldo. ~theindefiniteone


  • You seem liek a very nice person. :D- Mr W

  • <(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)> <(^_^)> Sorry, couldn't set your page on fire like I usually do. Unless you want me to, then that's okay. :P -Nekoalexa
    • Dance, Kirby, dance!

  • Checked your DA page. Looks good. -GethKnight

  • Yes, you are WAY girly! I mean it as a compliment.
    • Thanks you~ ^_^

  • Your art makes me grin. Keep up the good work! ^^ - ARabbitFilledNightmare
    • Wow, thank you! :D

  • Trick or treat!- Mr W

  • I think Haldo is a pretty cool gal. Seh makes humorous, insightful posts and doesn't afraid of anything. note  ~Muramasan13

  • Your art is awesome. Vandalization~ :) - kay4today

  • HIIIIIII~! How is my twin sister? :3 ~Inhopelessguy
    • Hi twin, I'm good! :D -Haldo

  • You freaked me out for a second there. Why is my name blue??? - TSB

  • Here to vandalize your page. :) - Indigo12ash
    • Okay, I first vandalized your page back when I didn't know how sweet and amazing you are. Here now to fix that. You're really cute, awesome, smart, fun to talk to (when you do talk :P). And I like your artwork. Especially your Slenderman avatar. I never knew Slenderman could be drawn to be so adorable. -Indigo12ash

  • Hi again, my beautiful princess! -Suddenly puts on an old-timey poet's outfit.- Just tell me if you ever need a poem or a prayer. -Fusionman

  • Hi. I'm gonna adopt you as a sister, just so you know. :3 — Eskay

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