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Hello TV Tropes! I am a huge fan <3. If I could marry an Anthropomorphic Personification, I would marry TV Tropes. I used to edit here a lot way back before you had to get known to use the wiki, which is why I have so few edits under my belt with this handle. No, I'm not writing this in third person, partly because I prefer to use The All-Concealing "I" but mostly just because it would be a hassle to make work with this particular text.

You can find me on Stumbleupon most of the time, or you can email me at my gmail account (booleanearth). Most of my time here is spent adding examples to existing pages, organizing and alphabetizing, or fixing other people's wiki-markup and spelling/grammar mistakes.

My name, for those wondering, expresses the basic concept of reality that most of society (Buddhists, scientists, and several others excepted) takes for granted: everything is either true or false. It is or it isn't. This is the basis of axiomatic logic (at least up until Einstein and Godel). It is the most fundamental dichotomy of our culture, although whether it is actually accurate is a matter of opinion. I chose that for my handle because my last one was stupid, so I wanted it to express an idea rather than just be my name followed by numbers or some variation of "Fan Of X." I chose that idea specifically for the euphony of the phrase I created.

Due to being banned from the forums by The Fast One for silly reasons and also general disagreement with the direction the site is going, this troper has more or less left for greener pastures. I hope one day I might be permitted to return, but until then I can be found on Twitter or Goodreads.

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