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I kinda like comic books.
I'm a comic artist and amateur filmmaker who has probably spent hundreds of hours on this wiki since finding it in 2007.

My works are Weird in a Can and The Adventures of Feelgood and Longbottom. I also used to do a weekly comic strip for my college's online newspaper. You can find me on YouTube and deviantART. As well as Tumblr and Twitter, if you're into that kinda thing.

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  • I heard you leik vandals, so I vandalized in your page. Now you can be vandal'd while you're vandal'd. - Poisonarrow (Yes, I AM capable of proper grammar. I just don't like it.)
  • Trick or treat! -Milos Stefanovic
  • Trick or treat! -Haldo
  • I like your comics! -Quarter

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