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Hello it's Fusionman or Fuse... Let's just get this done with. Add tropes where you see fit.

  • You lost the game. Dragon573
  • Pre-pare for re-talia-tory ac-tion! -Desdendelle
  • Bloody Hell Fuse, I have a troper page.
  • I bulletted the vandalism for you, 'cause I'm a Page Nazi like that. -Crystal Glacia
  • ... - Evil Children
  • Your troperpage is entirely vandalism? That's like a wall made out of windows. -Hydrall
  • Mccoy, I salute you! - Bamack1
  • VANDALISMO! -Bindlestick
  • Gravity. You're welcome. - Motree
  • Rawr. There's a bear on your lawn. - Dragon Geyser
  • Has anyone ever told you you're a very enably young man? - emeriin
    • What did I do Miss?
  • Jefferson Lives! -deathpigeon
  • Fusionman is...A DRAGON! -Test Your Might
  • Fuse, cheer up. Seriously. -Anura
  • *hug* E-everything's g-going to be OK... -Deadbeatloser22
  • Start feeling good about yourself or I'll beat the crap outta you! Ya hear? ^_^ - Moerin~♥
  • Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! -Azreal341
  • Are you still b&? I'm in your position too, but then they put me on Zoloft. I hope you can see this. I know that feel.
Kind of. -Aramil