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-waves- I'm a troper. Duh. I honestly cannot think of anything to put here. So, hi. And stuffs. CHEESEPUFFS. My handle is an in-joke that absolutely nobody here will get. All I care to say is that it has nothing to do with flowers. Nothing at all. My avatar is lame and all because it was the best thing I had on hand. It's a thumbnail from my Sims game. I'm mostly here on weekends due to lack of time during the rest of the week. If I sound really immature, that's because I am. Most of the time.

... Dude, why is there blue paint on the ceiling?

Vandalism, is, of course, welcome! Also, feel free to apply tropes to me in the same folder as the ones I set myself. PM me if you want, because it's FUN to recieve them.


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     Tropes that apply to me! 

     Things I like! 
  • Cats, mainly of the squee variety.
  • Dogs, the friendly kind.
  • Video games.
  • Reading. There's a reason why my eyes are so bad.
  • Sims games, namely The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 .
  • Chocolate, especially truffles.
  • This site.
  • Shiny thin- ooooh!
  • Popcorn. Namely, white cheddar popcorn
  • Colors. Was that the colors of the rainbow? I'm too lazy to check.
    • Namely, blue.
  • Saying "Dude". I don't know why.
  • Fluffy things.
  • Hot guys.
  • Movie theaters.
  • Cold pillows.
  • SLEEP.
  • Heavy blankets. I sleep under a pile of four blankets every night.
  • Strawberries.
  • Potatoes.

     Things I hate 
  • Condenscending people.
  • The words "globule", "bubonic", "nasal", and "lynch".
  • Forgetting things.
  • My suckish eyesight. I need new glasses but can't afford them.
  • Crowds.
  • Tight spaces.
  • Elevators. They break down so much in fiction that I developed a fear of them at an early age.
  • Cold. Which is why I take thirty minutes to get out of bed.
  • Late fall to late spring. I hate any temperature below fifty.
  • Snow.
  • Dampness on my body.
  • Text codes not working.
  • ICING. The cake kind. It's solid ickyness.

Please keep it clean.

  • Well, I guess i'm gonna have a first go at it, eh. So, how about that chocolate, fancy-princess? -OrangeSpider
  • Now, it is your duty as a troper to go forth and vandalize as many people as possible... or is that just what I do? - Stolen By Faeries
  • What Stolen By Faeries said. Go forth and vandalize! - Karl Kadaver