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Hey there! Before we begin, I would like to apologize for the length and lack order on this page.

Well, I'm Motree, more well-known as Treemo or Treemotan on other sites. However, you can call me Mo, or Tree, or M-Cat, Emtee, Mother Teresa, or Morgan if you so want. I honestly don't mind.

Well, I found out about this site from my longtime friend of 12 years, Crystal Glacia, and have been visiting it since around the same time as her (perhaps a month or so after), though only really started getting active here towards the latter part of my sophomore year of hugh school when she convinced me to join the forum to partake in an RP that I would ironically later become a GM of.

My birthdate is September 13, 1994 and I am currently 18 years old. I have rights now, WOO! Going to be majoring in Music Education at Bowling Green State University.

I have several interests and enjoy many series spanning several different genres and mediums. I got into anime and manga at the tender age of five with Pokemon and Sailor Moon, and still watch or read series on occasion. However, I am still an avid fan of Western animation and comics, in particular the classic Disney animated classics and Marvel Comics, respectively. In addition, I enjoy literature and films, and have a particular fondness for French culture. I am a somewhat hardcore gamer and have several systems, though I mainly have been playing on the XBOX 360 as of late. For those interested, my XBOX Live gamertag is Musicamo. If you want to friend me, just send a request, but let me know who you are.

Back to interests, I am somewhat naturally skilled with art and can draw somewhat well despite never having any formal classes, and go through way too many sketch books. I enjoy writing and consider myself an amateur author, though the only things I've really written as of late are characters in RP's and a bit of poetry, usually in free verse or iambic pentameter. I enjoy studying politics, culture, and economics. However, above all, my greatest passion is music. I play four instruments, with my main and favorite instrument being the flute, which I have been playing for over 6 years. I plan on majoring in music and pursuing a career in music education. I already have a bit of a start on this; in lieu of having the usual part-time job you'd expect of a teen in high school, I work as a private music tutor and freelance musician for weddings or other social events. Not very good money, unless I get a good gig, but it's something I love doing.

I am also a doll collector and rabid enthusiast of Fairy Tales and Folk Tales.

I served as Co-GM of A Game Of Chance alongside Infinite Paragon and Crystal Glacia, and currently serve as a GM for its sequel, A Game of Truths. My job entails rule enforcement as well as controlling the OCMPA faction, which is from my own original work. At the conclusion of A Game of Truths, Infinite Paragon chose to resign as GM and hand over the series to us. A restart of the series may be in the works, with Infinite Paragon potentially acting as a GM once more.

By the way, I also love finding vandalism on my page. You can feel free to add tropes as well, even if it's a YMMV trope or if you're not sure whether it really applies. Just sign anything ya put on my page. I'll usually have some sort of response.

In a note of self-promotion, I am currently planning to launch a webcomic, titled Davie Days. Characters and concept have already been worked out, just need to get everything to paper. Hopefully the political/social humor will make up for my bad art.

So now, baby, let's get this show on the road!

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    Series I Like 

    Tropes that apply to me or my life. 
  • Adjusting Your Glasses: By the bridge with the finger next to my pinky, or by the edge.
  • Berserk Button: I have a few.
    • One is a literal Berserk Button - In the spotlight room at school, there is a button that reads "DO NOT PRESS" above it. While it seems to be obvious Schmuck Bait, the notice not to press it is there for a reason. Pressing the button can cause all of the lights on the stage to screw up and possibly explode or ignite. Of course, some idiot kept breaking into the room and pressing it.
    • Harassing or hurting my friends emotionally or physically is an easy way to piss me off very quickly. The result is similar to if you threw rocks at a Mama Bear's cub in plain sight of the mother. It's one of the few things if not the only thing that can drive me to violence.
    • Belittling, bullying, or expressing hatred towards someone due to religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, political standing, gender, looks, financial standing, etc.. This likely stems from being raised in a very culturally diverse and accepting family, being viciously bullied as a child, and in general being a complete bleeding-heart.
    • Leaving a flute on the ground for someone to step on or handling it in a way that will lead to damaging the instrument. This applies to any musical instrument, really.
  • Big Breasts Big Deal: Type 3 or 4, depending on the day or situation.
  • Bi The Way
  • Bizarre Human Biology: I'm one of those 1 in 8,500 people with situs inversus totalus, which basically means the organs in my abdomen and thorax are mirrored in both appearance and position from how they'd usually be. For example, my heart's on the right instead of the left.
  • Blind Without 'Em: My vision is actually worse than most 60-year-olds'.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy
  • Cloudcuckoolander: I have my days. However, usually I'm simply The Ditz.
  • Cuddle Bug: I love hugging and cuddling, much to CG and a few others' chagrin.
  • Dumb Blonde: I'm blonde, albeit my hair is a very dirty-blonde. I am also epically stupid at times, though it's a bit more complicated than that. See The Ditz above.
  • Generation Xerox: Of my paternal grandmother. Aside from her being skinnier and bustier, our faces are pretty much identical.
  • Gratuitous French: I am sometimes guilty of this, occasionally using French phrases in posts or my speech and at times putting up posts written entirely in French. I am somewhat excused, however, in that I rarely if ever use a translator and genuinely possess some knowledge of the language due to taking classes for three years, and will admit to my mistakes in tense or syntax if they are pointed out. In addition, I don't do this with the intent of showing off or simply because it sounds sexy, but because I'm genuinely practicing writing or speaking it.
  • Idiot Hair: There are two little locks of hair along my hairline that are a lot shorter than the rest of may hair. When I wake up in the morning, they tend to stick up in a couple of odd little arcs. I usually wet them down because Idiot Hairs look really stupid in real life. Despite this, I usually draw myself with them. Humorously, one has a tendency to look a bit like a question mark at times.
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover
  • Nightmare Fetishist
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni/Straight Girl and Wise Gal: The Red Oni and Wise Gal to Crystal Glacia's Blue Oni and Straight Gal.
  • Ridiculous Procrastinator: Oooooooh yes. I have always procrastinated, and still procrastinate. I procrastinate with almost everything.
  • Serious Business: Music, Fairy Tales, and OOC.
  • Sweet Tooth: A very notorious one.
  • The Ditz: Somewhat. Kind of played with. I am actually very intelligent and philosophical, though not in one specific area like the Genius Ditz. Nor am I simply innocent, nor am I always a space cadet to the Cloud Cuckoo Lander extreme. A good amount of the time, everything just tends to fly over my head, I'll be very slow to pick up on it, or I'll simply just be epically stupid. And I promise, it's not an act. It's genuine.
  • The McCoy: Part of a Freudian Trio with Crystal Glacia as The Spock and Infinite Paragon as The Kirk.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Played with in that I'm actually pretty girly aside from a few typically "male" interests; however, in comparison to my sister, this certainly qualifies with me as the Tomboy and her as the Girly Girl. Also have this dynamic somewhat with Crystal Glacia.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child
  • Why Did It Have To Be Bees: I'm severely apiphobic to the point where if one lands on me, it will probably cause a panic attack. This probably stems from the fact that I'm deathly allergic to bee stings, and for some reason the little shits just LOVE hanging around me.
  • Younger Than They Look: I can't count how many times I was mistaken for an adult when I was around 11-12, and I still often get mistaken for being quite a bit older than I actually am.

    Tropes other people think apply to me 

  • Badass: Apparently, Dragon 573 thinks this applies to me.
  • The Tease: Dragon 573 and Fusionman suggested it, and upon looking at how I interact with male friends I'd have to agree. I tend to sexually/flirtatiously tease male friends a tad, though oddly enough I can't do this with anyone I'd actually like to date.

     Quotes I Have Used In My Signature 

  • "It's TEXAS! We get, like, 10 inches of rain. . . PER YEAR!" - Infinite Paragon
  • "Only the foolish believe suffering is wages for being different." - Cheshire Cat, American Mc Gees Alice
  • "Only the savage find the endurance of pain as the measure of worth." - Cheshire Cat, American Mc Gees Alice
  • "Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means 'not the same'." - Cheshire Cat, American Mc Gees Alice
  • "And there was this sexy-ass nurse, and the guy's just like, 'BOOM SHOCKA-LOCKA-LOCKA BOOM SHOCKA-LOCKA-LOCKA.'" - A guy in my psych class, during an experiment on reconstructive memory.
  • "This is Tamriel. It isn't a cat fight unless it's two Khajiit chicks going at it in a cage match." - Exelixi, on the Skyrim RP Signups.
  • "LEGOS aren't toys! THEY'RE A WAY OF LIFE!" - Crystal Glacia, in a discussion at a basketball game.
  • "I know I am guilty of something, but punishment never suits the victims of the crime." - Alice, Alice Madness Returns
  • "So, with the note, you sort of hit it and quit it, then come back for more." - A clarinetist during Wind Ensemble.

    Stalkstalkstalk? (Vandalism here) 
I apologize for the vandalization, just read the word poetry and felt compelled to dig up one of my old poems:
The Duel
It's High Noon
The time of our duel has come too soon
Forty feet between us, staring each other down
Waiting for the time to make our play
Their hands on their six-strings, our hands on our six shooters
The time has finally come to make our play!
The bang of a gunshot, then another
And the sound of your now limp body thudding on the desert ground
While startled gasps can be heard all around
As i holster my gun, triumphant.

Enjoy! - Infinite Paragon

  • :D

  • Rwar Stalk stalk stalk stalk stalk... Hai wife i loves you. Aww infinate wroted you a poem >;3 Crayon Monster <3
    • -3- *chu*

  • ... - Evil Children
    • Ah, the sound of silence. Nya ah ah.

  • Sacred Tree of Mo, gnawing at every trope, since one-nine-nine-four. Tenorphin
    • I was about to comment that you did haiku wrong, but then I remembered that I'm a part-country weirdo that sounds like a stoner and pronounces "ev-er-y" as "ev-reh". Fail on my part. And yes. When I was born, I had a laptop and was archive-binging TV Tropes. It was amazing.
    • It would be Mo accurate to say your cerebral cortex is connected to TV Tropes database.
  • You lost the game. Dragon 573
    • FUCK. Well, so did you. Ha. Also, Pothole'd ya there, sport.
  • So how do you like your Gravity Mo? Fusionman
    • Why, are you jealous?
    • Mo... I'M A MANNNN! :P
    • I know. I just couldn't think of anything witty.
  • In the not too distant present, Right Now AD, there was a guy named me, who wrote on the page of Motree! -TestYourMight
    • Ah, rhyme. You clever devil.
  • I see you! - Ailedhoo
    • *peers through telescope from crow's nest* Ah, ahoy there! I see you as well, good sir or madam!
  • The faeries haven't seen this page before. Your ceiling is now... misplaced. - Stolen By Faeries
    • Damn, and I'd just painted that ceiling, too!
    • Not sure if you're familiar with the In-Joke or not, but I seemed to have some sort of pull in this case.
  • Guwaro. This is Neopie, vandalizing your page while I steal your Burritos.
    • Confound you, Neopie. You drive me to drink.
  • Hello, Motree. The vandalism has been returned. Mua...hah...hah. — Splitting Infinity (P. S. Please don't tell Dragon I laughed evilly. I think it might be a violation of my contract.)
    • -Oh, it is. Dragon 573
    • Eww, Dragon's creeping on my page. Ewwwwww.
  • Well, hi there. Don't mind me, it's not like I'm only here to steal your foods and kidnap your cat or anything. - Neobullseye
    • You fiend! How dare you steal my dead cat and my food?! You will pay!
  • You like Hetalia?! (glomps you) Have you tried Heta Oni by the way? SabrinaDiamond
    • YES. I cried several manry tears.
  • Here's a big hug for being an all-around awesome person. -huuuuuug- ~ Snowy Foxes
    • YAY! I AM APPARENTLY LOVED! -returns the gesture with a suffocating hug of DOOM-
  • Greetings Motree. I have come here to vandalize your page and eat popcorn. I appear to be out of popcorn. - Completely Normal Guy
    • Uh. . . Let's see. . . Check in the cabinet next to the fridge. That's where I usually keep the popcorn and chips and part of my massive stash of Jolly Ranchers.
  • AAATTAAAACKKK- Oh. Wrong target. Ehm... Hello. You seem nice...^^ Karasu91
    • -pokes head out from bunker- Ah, thanks for clarifying the misunderstanding, hon. And thank you, I try to be nice to others. Unless I'm angry or tired, then I can turn into a bit of a violent, demonic banshee.
  • You like Marvel? Come here! -glomp!- - Test Your Might
    • Yus, yus I do. Marvel comiiiiiiiiics!
  • I finally got the 'gravity' joke. Also, by fire be purged!note  -desdendelle
    • Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a quote from an orc unit. I could be wrong, though. Thanks to my gaming PC breaking, it's been a long while since I've played ANY computer games.
      • It seems that that was my second vandalisation of your page. Huh. Also, it's Prince Kael's. -desdendelle
  • You suck. Engel Jean Despois
    • Why, yes, that IS how a person can utilize a straw in order to consume a beverage. Terribly sorry that there isn't a prize, but thanks for playing anyways! - Endark Culi
      • 'Tis okay, EC. He's cool. Especially since it's a sockpuppet of one of my characters.
  • Wow, my other vandalism on your page was bad. No idea what I was thinking then. I would apologize more profusely, but I'm not entirely sure I have anything better to say right now. - Completely Normal Guy
  • WHABAM. Your long page has one more line to it. Rockonman
    • No, the lines! They burn!
  • Calvin and Hobbes FOREVER! -highfive and big hug- darnpenguin
    • Yes! It's such a pity most of the younger generation has never even heard of them. Such a great comic~!
  • Launching a webcomic, eh? I feel your pain at getting things on paper, but if you're confident in your work, I'm sure you'll perservere. Best of luck! - Endark Culi
    • Yeah, webcomic still hasn't been started. Kind of difficult to launch when you're planning an RP, playing in the orchestra for Phantom Of The Opera, giving private flute lessons, fixing a house. . . Yeah, I've been ridiculously loaded.
  • You seem like a pretty cool guy. yuo wathc simlar shows to me and doesnt afraid of anything. - The Hero Hartmut
  • Third time's a charm, it seems. Yosh! Otsukaresan! -the Xenophobe, AKA Xenny