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Hi, Jinjoman here. So, you decided to come and read about me? Well, I'm a Jinjo residing in boring old Florida. Uhm, I really like gaming, particularly platformers and action/adventure games. I love to draw; I've filled many a folder and book with things ranging from idle doodling to full blown, action filled scenes. I love a good comedy. My sense of humour is a bit broad, but it leans towards dark comedy and satire. I also enjoy lots of tv shows, comics, and books. I'm very talkative and always enjoy a nice chat with friends new and old. What else, what else? Ah, yes! I aspire to be an artist for a gaming company when I go out into the world, but for now I'm fine with my life as is (Though it could use a little more action).

So there you have it! A brief intro to me!

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I'm just going to pop in right here, and just steal a coke from your fridge.- Komisol