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This is a new page. It's clean and pure and white as snow.

Okay, so now it's not new any more.

Vandalism Sweet and gentle things about me may go down here, somewhere.

  • Hey, some guy broke your window. Thought you might want to know. -Phoenixor
    • What? Where?
  • Hello, Strange One. May I call you that? ~theindefiniteone
    • Okay, but only if I can call you The Indefinite Dwarf.
    • Sure. I'm pretty short anyway. (cry) ~The Indefinite Dwarf
  • Not so pure now, ah? AH? - Jinjoman
    • You want war? -prepares firearms and the great spray can of vandalism-
  • All vandalism. All the time. —Tre
  • Oh, it's pure alright! Pure Chaos... I mean, if you're cool with that. - KK
  • Scribblescribblescribble. You're welcome.
  • This is strange. I seemed to be trapped here... how curious. :/ That Goat Person
  • Hello, I love the Ace Attorney women.... Nick Da Man With Da Can
  • You know, for a dwarf, I bet you're taller than me in real life. ~Enzeru
  • Hello there. ~Ivan The Mouse
  • I think this is the first page I've seen that is truly nothing but vandalism. — That Guy Watching Nickelodeon Right Now
  • The right hand that creates more vandalism. — Yami No Izanagi
  • Jump rope.Ivan The Mouse
  • Moo: — Geth Knight
  • ...-poke- ~raigakuren
  • How... nondescript. Hi there, by the way. — Liberated Liberater
  • re:poked ~raigakuren
  • Still no descriptions. Just... vandalism... yes... — Liberated Liberater
  • Wow. You are really interesting. All I know is that you're a girl. Are you pre... <slap> Okay.Well, I think I dropped a song around here. Ahem
    I think this person needs no introduction,
    Because there's none on her page,
    Therefore, I do not know,
    What fills her with rage,
    I'm sure she's funny, pretty, kind,
    But I don't care, I don't mind,
    This song is a song, and I do hope it is not at all wrong - The Songseamster
  • It's me again. I'm just calling to tell you that you still are at Severely (awesome). Inhopelessguy
    • Eh. Thanks.