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A British former troper studying History & Politics, who mostly posted in Forum Games these days but sometimes went over into Yack Fest, On-Topic, and Video Games; who has an interest in history, video games, manga/anime, and finds passing amusement in lots of other things; joined September 2010. Oh, and he also has grand plans for [REDACTED], but don't tell MI 5 about that.


Current Status:

Most likely executed by Stasi

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Shichibukai is the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, who will take over the world and found cities in his name, one of which will have the greatest library of all time. Since Knowledge is Power, and books are portals to other worlds, Shichibukai will use this Library to take over all possible and impossible worlds and universes in and out of existence, becoming the immortal emperor of the Omniverse. He is also kind of attractive. We wonder if he will notice this.


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Wait, if you're the Big Bad, why are you a wholesome crossdresser and not Villainous Crossdresser? - Ponicalica

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you wonder how you could have plodded along in life without them? Best late night forum games bud ever~ -Junfez