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I've been troping for a literal decade and I've grown a lot, so some of the vandalism below isn't accurate to how I am now but it's still worth keeping for old time's sake. Anyway, I have a blog where I do my business and more info can be found elsewhere. Nowadays on this site I handle things on the Goosebumps page and other similar things, but maybe I'll poke at other pages for things I like, we'll see.

Pages I edit the most

Pages I guess I don't edit a ton or at all but I tend to check a lot


Seems that you're a Nickelodeon fan. Yo. -Kinkajou

YOU ARE MADE OF BADASSCAKES AND AWESOMESAUCE WITH A DOLLUP OF SUPERCOOL CREAM. (: I love your little Lazytown skits and you should write for Nick one day-Dark Lady Celebrian

Oh, me? I'm just his Hypercompetent Sidekick stroke proofreader taking a stop here to clean up his mess, as usual. - The Meta Beta/Mothra

Under "Perverse Sexual Lust", sub-category: people you met on IRC, don't forget Team Doofenshmirtz! XD JK or am I? - Planty

Weirdo -Truteal

Vandalism, indeed. *tags in straight letters* -Misuki

You have been... GLOMPALIZDE~! -Enkfka

Greetings Executor....I hope you have been enjoying your stay here.... -The Watcher

I will show you my Stacy-Featured-In-An-Official-Busted-Sequence-Inator. It's For the Win for the both of us!

You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you, since I know everything you're going to do! STRANGE, isn't it?! - Altimeter

Wassup wit you? Oh, and way to keep yourself on the up and up. *wink wink, nudge nudge.* - Karlkadaver

  • Hey, hey! S'mee again! I see you're still keeping on the straight and narrow. Good on ya, mate! But we know the truth, don't we? Hehehehehe... - Karl Kadaver

The faeries bring apples - we don't think any are rotten. - a faerie

Sup goosebumpsfan.

  • Dude. I was here. IN SONG!
Dude I don't know who you are.
Hell, you may just be talking car,
Maybe now you'll see,
A great song-writer is ME!
I think this song is crap,
Yeah... sorry about that.
- Inhopelessguy

"and also believes [1] never jumped the shark"...... YOU'RE FIRED! - Magcargo Man