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Describe A Stray Bard Here.

Well, it's not like I can just leave this page blank.

18 19 20 year old male university student (read: Poor). In the future, I hope to be a English teacher or a Journalist. Because apparently, I want to be poor and lazy all throughout life.

Moving right along.

Other than that, I like music, reading, guitars, piano, video games, Sci-Fi, horror, sarcasm, writing, and art. I tend to act in an eccentric manner sometimes, but for the most part, I'm rather quiet.

The Personal Stuff.

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    Tropes Applied To Me By Me 
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The Stuff I Like

    Anime and Manga 
    Live Action TV 
    Music...A Lot of It 
    Video Games 
    Western Animation 

Remember, when in doubt

    Don't worry... 

...Now, Back to business

    Facepalm Museum 
By order of Hekireki no Makai , I now have a facepalm section for everyone's convenience. Choose your flavor of disappointment!

    Troper Family Tree 
This Area is self explanatory.

This Space for Bomb-Throwing Anarchists

    Lord Vandalism the I 

TOD was here

  • :D

also here

  • Hello! Why are you stray? - Stolen By Faeries
    • I got lost on my way to the fora.
  • Hi —wuggles
    • Hello!
  • 愛がなければ、真実は見ることができません。 —Liberated Liberater
    • Something about seeing, that's all I could tell.
  • I want money too ~raigakuren
    • Don't we all?
  • I-I'm vandalising your page... I-if that's all right with you... - Deadbeatloser22

and here


and we musn't forget here

  • Let us never speak of this again.
  • This page needs more Octavia and DJ Pon3! ~raigakuren
    • No page can ever have enough of Octavia and DJ PON3
  • I knew my avatar change would make you go to your DJ Pon3 avatar. I WIN! ~raigakuren
    • Or do you?
  • Once I rose above the noise and confusion. Just to get it is beyond disillusioned. - Completely Normal Guy
    • I was soaring ever higher...then I flew too high.
  • This vandalism was part of your plan to manipulate me isn't it? ~raigakuren
  • Die the DEATH. Sentence to DEATH. Great equalizer is the DEATH.Liberated Liberater
    • Until you get turned into a zombie.
  • You have an eight note but I have a    Treble Cleft!!!    ~raigakuren
    • *Le Gasp!*
  • KEEKI WA USO DESU - Katana Cat
    • WUT U DID THAR...I C IT!
  • It Came From...over there, behind the sofa. See? No, to the left a bit. Yeah, there. Inverurie Jones.
    • I'll check it out...I'll be right back.
  • Even your vandalism ish graceful! ~raigakuren
  • Thy contributor page is whole and unvandalized!    WE SHALL CHANGE THAT!!!    ~raigakuren
    • NO! Not my contributor page virginity!
  • Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids. In fact it's cold as hell. And there's no one there to raise them if you did. - Completely Normal Guy
    • I'll admit, I haven' heard this one.
    Vandalism the Great 

he was at the bottom of your page too

* A wild BARD appears