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WUE. WUE never changes.

In the year 1990, the simple hand of an incautious man sparked an atomic disaster of massive proportions. Most of the earth was wiped clean of life and civilization, what was left were just some mutants and a couple of badasses. Son of one of them, WUE fought, struggled and roamed through the Italian Wasteland in search of a purpose. He never manged to find one.. what he did find instead was a time machine. He used that to stop the impending apocalypse and started to live in the old world.

That was my true story.

...Okay, that wasn't particularly witty, so let's try to make a couple of things clear. This troper (who usually doesn't write in third person about himself, so imagine how awkward this must feel for him!) is a 20 years old italian guy who dabbles in many nerdy subjects, like videogames (he's especially fond of PC gaming, though he doesn't share the irrational hatred of consoles others have), manga & anime (he is by no means an expert and would never dare to call himself such), comic books (well, just a little, if he has to be honest), chessy music (he still wonders how people who don't like Journey can exist) and other things he's probably forgetting in this very moment.

Full of hopes, dreams and immature sex jokes, he came to TV Tropes with the intention of contributing and quickly realized that posting on the forums was quite more relaxing than discussing about whether or not yanderes should be called such. He still adds examples or corrects typos (while making plenty of those himself) from time to time, though.

Since he doesn't really believe in self-troping, and finds himself pretty bad at describing himself, he heartily encourages those who believe they've seen something in his character that resembles a trope to add that to his contributor's page (this very page you are reading, my dear reader!). Take into account that, if he believes one of those tropes doesn't fit, he will strike it.

Also, feel free to vandalize, if you somehow feel it would make you feel better. Or even if you don't feel that way. He's not that picky.

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    Videogames I enjoy (not comprehensive, but should give a good indication of my tastes) 
  • Ace Attorney note 
  • Arcanum
  • Alien Swarm note 
  • Alpha Protocol note 
  • Baldurs Gate
  • Deus Ex note 
  • Dragon Age
  • Etrian Odyssey
  • Fallout note 
  • Final Fantasy X note 
  • Gothic
  • Half Life note 
  • Hotel Dusk Room 215 note 
  • Knights Of The Old Republic
  • Monkey Island note 
  • Metal Gear Solid note 
  • Max Payne note 
  • Mass Effect note 
  • Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2 note 
  • Risen
  • Tenchu note 
  • The Witcher note 
  • Vampire The Masquerade : Bloodlines


    Anime and manga I enjoy (again, not comprehensive, but it should give a good idea of my tastes) 


    Tropes that apply to myself 

    Vandalism / Comments 

  • OMFG ITS BRAYKO!!! - Not-So-Badass Longcoat
    • Yup. With his thick russian accent, overuse of 'fuck' and his somewhat amusing taste in 80s music.
  • I barely know you, but you can consider me your loyal minion. Payment is not nessesary=) - Beholderess
    • I consider myself a gentleman, so don't you worry my minion, you shall be payed. Now excuse me, I'll go back to planning how to conquer the world. MWAHAHAHAH
  • 'Lo there, WUE. I haven't interacted with you that much, but from what I've seen, you're a pretty cool person to joke around with on Forum Games. Cheers. Gentlemanorcus
  • QuĂ© pasa? According to edit tip numero tres, I should pretend like this has been here forever. So yeah. In other news, we've always been at war with eastasia... AHR
  • I haz vandalised your page >:D - A Crack In Time
  • Troper Page: Vandalized. Mission: Complete! ~ Komodin
  • The true purpose of this page... IS SINISTE- IT'S THE ASSASSIN -rifflet
  • I am here to vandalise your page. Coffee? Tell you what, I'll give you a coffee if you write a better description for your page, thus granting me a cookie to go with my coffee. =P - Bisected8
    • You may have convinced me. I'll write a better description soon-ish.
  • Your name makes me want to shout "WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" all the time. — Sean Murray I
  • WUE-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' To Fuck With! Or something along those lines. — English Ivy
    • o_O o_o'' O_o
  • I'm more of an Ostragoth than a Vandal, but I don't want to ostracize your page. What do I do? Noaqiyeum
    • Follow your heart Noaqiyeum (wow, I managed to write it without copy-pasting it!), and there shall be no problems. Or at least you won't notice them.
      • That's not helpful at all! None of my hearts are self-propelling.
  • note -Artemis92
    *ring ring* "Hello?" "Hi, this is Madness. Can I speak to Sparta, please?" - Noaqiyeum
  • Bad WUE! No terrible moe cutesy anime girl verbal tics on my page! >:[
    ...Your page, however, is fine, nyaaa~ ~Epitome
  • Vandalise me will you! I'll give you vandalism! you go! - elemcee
  • Ow that hurt. - Shichibukai
    • B-But.. I did it out of love!
  • How could I have forgotten you, my dear! Well then, here you go... vandalized For Great Justice. Eventually you'll get something better. Probably. —Outta The BLAM
    • It's okay. I kinda like it actually. Simple, good old vandalism is just what I needed. Plus, it's not like I vandalized your page in a particularly witty or appropriate way...
  • Godot Was Here.
  • What the heck happened to the WorstUsernameEver? ~ Spooky Mask
    • Lost my password. Plus, WUE is easier to remember, the Contributor's Page is tidy, and this handle has a Happy Cow avatar. What's there not to like?
      • I missed whole happy cow thing, so xP Oh, and I haven't complimented you for the Fallout reference in the beginning of this page D= I'M NOT WORTHY!!!
  • Have you ever wondered why the number "eleven" isn't pronounced "onety-one"? —Sean Murray I
    • I haven't, but now I'll ponder about this all day.
  • How about you go steal that museum door and I'll stay over here? :P - Kraken.
  • WUZZUP?!- Mr W
  • Worst Vandalism Ever - Nohaynicklibre
  • -Pets your happy cow- Counterclock
  • The Faeries made me do it - StolenByFaeries
  • Get yo ass playing ME2, foo'! - Air Of Mystery
    • Already done that, my good sir.
  • YO ITALIAN ASS IS MINE, BITCH! Never forget that >:D - Ossan
    • Oh trust me, I won't ;D