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Hello, I'm Ossan. I enjoy kiwi, puppies, cool hats, drawing, Dr. Pepper, Raven, squishy objects, and various other things not worth mentioning.

Incidentally, I do not enjoy long walks on the beach, for I always inevitably step on crabs and sea urchins.

But yes, I am just your ordinary everyday nerdy Troper. I am both a Yaoi Fangirl and Yuri Fangirl, but I also enjoy Het. Basically, I like romance and porn, okay?


Uhh...I don't have much else to say, I'm just kind

Oh yes, it appears I'm actually a bit of a pervert. Apologies if I accidentally molest you.

Tropes that people think apply to me:

All Women Are Lustful - Pretty much her defining trope.

    Anime/Manga I Like 

    Video Games I Like 

I'm too lazy to make folders for everything else. Hurr

Apparently, people have been molesting my page down here! You should also feel free to do so, it likes it.

Your page has been accidentally molested by Weissritter. Aren't you delighted?

This troper just wanted to let you know that you are.. hum.. fun to be around. ;)

Very fun. >:D Also a very nice lady. —Blackmoon

Dammit, Weiss molested the page first! -Also Arin

Thanks for having my babies! -Not Always The Hero

You're so open with yourself...people love that here. ;) - Keybreak

*page raep* ~~ Spain Sun

All Your Base Are Belong to Us. You have no chance to survive make your time! —CATS

Don't mind me. Just darnpenguin here snuggling in for some friendly gropage. Mmm...

-molests- —Rumetzen

  • Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo? - Solstace

  • Ossan is the best! She is fun and funny and nice and has lots of hilarious fetishes! -Sporkaganza

  • Ohhhh yeah, I'm totally having my way with this page.

  • Listen all 'yall, it's sabotage! I almost forgot to vandalize your page too, but now I've fixed that! —goodtimesfreegrog'

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  • Dont mind me.... just molesting your page~ just stay asleep and we'll pretend it never happened in the morning ;3 -Rizu

You are 'she'? No wonder... ~Spooky Mask


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