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Greetings and welcome.

Russian, 24 years old, in the middle of quarter-life crisis (looking for job, skills of a someone fresh from college, little to no direction in life). Have a great (but, for some unknown reason, purely theoretical) interest for role-playing games. Also enjoy reading (both fantasy and educational), and western CRPGs. Like horse-riding (despite being bad at it), singing and playing guitar (despite being very bad at it). Prefer the works which are more idealistic than cynical and more funny than serious. Not that I mind an occasional Tearjerker or two.


Like spoilers, Knights in Shining Armour, Tricksters and Eldritch Abominations (because everything is better with an Eldritch Abomination, right?). Hate Downer Endings and Crapsack Worlds. Added a few examples here and there, but no new pages, being way too shy to do that. Perhaps it'll change one day.

Oh, and I am not good at describing myself, so - feel free to add anything you deem appropriate.

When I do decribe myself, I think of the following:

In addition to that (or in contradiction, perhaps) my online persona tends to display the qualities of

Fan of:

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    Comic Books 



    Live Action TV 

    Manga and Anime 

    Tabletop Games 


    Video Games 


    Western Animation 



Vandalism, and general comments

  • Beholderess is wonderfully literate and a fine addition to the Tropers. — Morven
  • The Sims does indeed look out of place in that list. I'm also surprised and pleased to see that there are people who have the ability to remain Wide-Eyed Idealist while knowing of FATAL. WUE
    • (blushes) Thank you! Well, I've mentioned that I am both idealist and Nightmare Fetishist=) These things do mix, though I wouldn't drink the resulting coctail=)
  • Draszt Vuy Tyeh! I'm pretty sure I romanized that wrong, Hi! :D
  • -poke- I ship you with Noimporta, for the record -poke- AHR
    • Not sure if I should be horryfied or flattered... (flips coin) Ok, flattered it is!
  • I do my best for those I feel need it. ;) - Keybreak
  • Poke my EYE! Poke it! -SenatorAwesomePants
    • Which one, I wonder?
  • Finally a troper that shows no signs, not even a trace, of cynicism or bitterness. It's nice to see :) —Outta The BLAM
    • Oh, I can be bitter sometimes, though Itry not to be. Still, thank you.
  • Godot Was Here.
  • You are saying that its weird to be Wide-Eyed Idealist and Nightmare Fetishist same time? YOU MUST DIE!!!(Just kidding~ But seriously saying, I like creepy stuff and I'm pretty idealistic, though I try to be more cold when the subject of discussion is 'controversial', but I don't see how it is weird to be those at same time, they aren't really related to each other.) -Spooky Mask
    • Well, some people think that idealism involves rabbits. This one doesn't know of a reason why it shouldn't involve tentacles too=)) And I wish I could keep myself cold sometimes
      • When you think about it, person who can imagine even things that are considered by 'normal' people are 'creepy' as good things, that person would be more positive than person who would find fluffy animals cute, but scream at sight of spider :)
  • You said you'd miss me if I left for a couple of days. EGO = STROKED. Thanks, ~Hungry Joe
    • You're more than welcome
  • Your views of villians is interesting. I think you just gave me some ideas for my story, thank you. ~Pvtnum11
    • That is unexpected, but I am very glad.
  • A fellow Slav arrives with an offering of war hamster of Chelyabinsk! ~Gacek
    • Aww, I hope that little one is not ill. If it is healthy, though - then I know now where Boo comes from! Thank you.
      • Gacek again, I just realised you seem to be more Lawful Good than Lawful Neutral. - G.
      • You flatter me. I am nowhere near Lawful Good, I'm afraid. Quite selfish, in fact. But still thank you.
  • Однако, как могу избежать шанс написать на стене коллеги русского языка? -Morgulion
    • Добро пожаловать, очень рада
      • А что, собственно, всё это обсуждение делает тут? Почему не на странице обсуждения? — Sikon
  • You're awesome, so I'm gonna scrawl a heart ♥ -Pykrete
    • Thank you! And please accept my apologies for the late answer.
  • Beholeress is utterly amazing and a genuinely good person even though she doesn't seem to think so. Plus, she speaks in a very cool way. - Diamonnes
    • Thank you. You are too kind.
  • This one is vandalising this page.
    • Looks like verbal tics are virulent. Beware!
  • You're one of the sweetest people I see here. :) - Bellacide
    • Thank you (blushes)
  • You're a very nice person. - Exploder
    • This one is not nice but she is trying. Still, thank you.
  • Я не говорю по-русский так хорошо, но меня просто нужно написать это по-русскому. Ты классная. - MilosStefanovic
    • Огромное спасибо! Я очень ценю это
  • I appreciate reading your posts. Partly because they're always well thought out, and partly because the combination of how you write, your current avatar, and your previous avatar give me this mental image of a chronically shy hanar hiding behind a pillar on the Citadel and offering quiet opinions on world issues and ethics. Too moe for words. - Radical Taoist
    ...Th-this one...goes by the title of Hanarshy...if you'd be kind enough to call her that....thanks...
    • (blushes)This one is flattered. Thank you
    • See, that's exactly what I'm talking about! The image comes to mind immediately, and I don't even think hanar can blush!
  • I've read some of your posts on the forums. They're very interesting and, as Taoist said, very well thought-out. You seem quite nice too! :D - Ventisia
  • MOSKAU, MOSKAU! :D - Midnight Rambler


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