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I'm Senator Awesomepants. The state of Awesomepants has elected me in perpetuity for the sheer awesomeness of my pants. I'm not exactly sane at all times. Keep this in mind when approaching me.

So sit, have a beer, or maybe some tea, whatever strikes your fancy, relax.

I love art, music and excellent things. I do indeed play video games and watch tv and read too. Imagine that. I also play Dn D.

I draw sometimes.

I'm taller than you!!! And always will be even if you are actually taller than me.

I play Improbable Island alot. It's a very good game. I have 1 and a half characters. (I'm Leokylani and Chaos as one and a half.)

I collect shiny things. I lost all my rings though and that made me sad... I now have to buy more. I used to wear more than one on a every finger on a near daily basis.

I can't describe myself very well, I suck at these type things. If any of you wish to tropify me feel free or whatever.

I'll add more information later. As if you care.

Tropes go here. Section in construction, feel free to add.

Feel free to vandalize/comment.

FIRST! - Korgmeister

* snuggle snuggle snuggle* - Not-So-Badass Longcoat

You are taller than me by about half a foot! And I love the fantastic vibrant colors in your art <3 - Leradny

  • In return for your kitty which will keep away mice, I gift you an amazing and magnificent Venus Fly Trap!

Hai Senator Awesomepants. Even though I am taller than you by three inches, your awesome is taller than mine by at least infinity. So yeah! Keep the FUN and the COOL. YEAH. Jseblan

I have decided that you are a neat chick. And as a result, I am now editting your page. Lucky Revenant

* SUPER AWESOME HUGGLES* for a super awesome person :) - Spain Sun

Your pants maybe awesome but that's because you make them look awesome. Because you're awesome. - Zero P

FINALLY! A girl with a male avatar to balance out all those guys with female avatars! And it's a super-hot-awesome-pants vampire lord who could kick Edward's glittery ass six ways to Sunday and got me into vampires in the first place! You, mademoiselle, are a worthy companion. I shake your hand. - Burinnu


Hail to thee, your sexiness. :P - Krrackknut.

  • You officially rock. This is not my face you rocked my face off. :P - Tuefel Hunden IV
    • Your brand of crazy hijinks on the fora make you likeable personality.

You have no chance to survive make your time, SAP! —CATS


Seeeeeeeeen! You're gorgeous, funny, and just all around awesome. -huggles- I hope you feel better. :3 Epitome

Madame sentator, i super duper have a girl crush on you. [[Spoiler: just kidding. sorta. >> . I'm married.]] Amarys

Hello, Structural Adjustment Program! Er, Senator Awesome Pants. Yeah. That's what I meant. - English Ivy

We haven't talked much at all, which is a shame since you seem like a very cool person in general. - Gentlemanorcus

Any plans of becoming an Emperor soon, Senator? Crush this world in the iron grip of awesomeness! - Beholderess

Godot Was Here.

O Hai - A friend

Senator Awesome Pants is made of EPIC and WIN!! The entirety of the U.S. Senate should be seated by her! -Lockon Lockon


I harbor a PSL for your hair. It is very lovely hair. Treasure that hair. /creep. -AHR

I said it before in a certain thread, but it bears repeating that this is a chick person I can very easily picture hanging out at Andy Warhol's Factory. -Landstander (who was recently hit with major Viewer Gender Confusion!)

Hi there Senator! I think you're a really fun person. - Fluid

mrsaturn Likes your username. It reminds him of Homestar Runner, somehow.

I have violated your page. Sexually. I was not gentle. It probably liked it. Smooches! <3 —Blackmoon

We've both been in those awesome pants, Senator... At the same time. Was it good for you too? —Scrye

Me three. Hee hee hee. Schitzo

You are not taller than me :) Longfellow

I must say that you are the very good kind of 'crazy'. Morgulion

I still have your beer. Also, *GLOMP*sgrunt

Oooh, Senator...I want to get into your I can steal and wear them! - Kraken.

Hi. Want to be friends?<-Trying to be direct. —Tidal_Wave_17

**Sand Josieph post** - Sand Josieph

You are, indeed, awesome — should we meet, consider this a standing coupon to exchange for a drink or two. —Morven

Casting my vote for the right honourable Sennator. ~TomoeMichieru

I always come too late to these pages...I hope all our months of knowing each other will forgive that. <:) - Keybreak

Your don't have to be my Distaff Counterpart be any chance?—Joeyjojo

Political pants will be the newest craze! OBEY THE POLITICAL PANTS! -dmboogie

Finally! A politician I can vote for. Pants. - Stolen By Faeries