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The past has long passed,
the future comes fast,
and the present hardly lasts.

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     (Mostly Unpublished) Bibliography 
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X'd ones may need better titles

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1. Present Plausible

  • ✓X Song of Temperance - Camron Song is a well-to-do boy studying to be a psychologist and striving to stay level-headed as he survives his peers, strict professors, and semi-friendly busybody rival Alexis Radcliffe. With his friends, gruff yet well-meaning Tanner Warren, naive aspiring dancer Nick Lockman, and enthusiastic soccer star boyfriend Casey Roster, Camron lives day to day discovering and rediscovering his friends and himself.

  • Argent Park - An alpha wolf leads his pack viciously and would do anything to keep it safe. His second-in-command however is uncertain of his brother's leadership and thinks he should take a new direction. Meanwhile, in a nearby town, 15-year-old Cale Atkins is itching to get a closer look at a wolf while his twin brother Shayne is merely interested in hitting on girls. Once Cale and the wolf come face-to-face one night, both their lives are changed forever.

  • Inspiration - After he invites quiet sketcher Jess Walker to his birthday party, popular high school class president Christopher Stells begins to spend less time with his friends and focus more on drawing. Slowly, his friends, as well as his girlfriend Becka, begin to notice.

  • Inspiration II: Writer's Block - Zachary Tames is looking for something to write about as a personal project. He explores the cliques of his school to sniff out ideas, but only succeeds in developing some new enemies and turning away the girl he likes. Soon, he realizes that inspiration may not have been what he needed...

  • Hard Press - A high school sophomore decides to join the school paper to get a peek at what a career in journalism looks like, but he gets lost in the drama among head editor Damien, co-editor and Damien's ex-girlfriend Sarah, Damien's best friend and sports columnist Jared, snobby advice columnist Stacey, and the rest of the Weekly Observer staff.

  • The Duke of Pop - Duke McBrian is America's biggest male teen pop star. His manager Calvin believes that he can get even bigger, so he takes the singer across the country in search of promising backup dancers. At one school, Duke finds someone who catches his eye rather quickly.

  • Snow Fair- Marcus and Greg have been friends since they were kids, but after they take their relationship to the next level, their parents become uncompromising. Soon they spend their winter break hiding out from their families in a small park on the edge of town, but Marcus's mother grows privy to their involvement with each other and fears her husband's breaking off a crucial business partnership with Greg's father.

  • Androgyny: The Story of Max - Completely by accident, high school junior Brandon Smith runs into the school freak whose gender no one can seem to figure out. However, Brandon comes to be friends with Max, learning to figure out who he is himself in the process.

2. Future Considered

  • ✓★ Olympus - As a student at the Ares Military Academy located on Mars, Will Astin embarks on a special government mission to the Earth-allied planet of the Ulterrans where a traveling raider colony has apparently taken a large supply of energy drained from his home-city of Stratus. Along with his trusty portable A.I. Miranda, his best friend and fellow classmate Garret Marshall, his close friend civilian Connor Delaney, and the eccentric but brilliant Athena University professor and retired military scientist Cassandra Progene, he takes off to the planet Ulterra to get some answers.

  • Blemish- Orphan Jason Wolfe has always hated the oppressive City Patrol officers and causes them mischief whenever possible. Student journalist Alex O'Connell, who initially doesn't believe in a boy who could so easily evade an entire police force, soon grows critical of the Patrol herself and sets out to locate this mystery boy.

  • ✓★ Match Point- Lyle Griffith is a veteran player in a virtual reality game popular among city youths. His team captain Vic holds tryouts to satisfy their team manager's desire for a stronger team dynamic and finds promise in Philip, a "newbie" who shows far more talent than his designation would imply.

  • Grounded- An officer at Ares Academy is discovered murdered, and junior reserve soldier Cory Henson is arrested and transferred to a military prison back on Earth. In attempts to appeal to the sadistic yet "understanding" warden Nyla and long-time inmate Brody Glint, Cory plans to break out so he can locate the officer's real killer.

  • ✓★ A Rose by One Name - Following a car accident, Rose awakens in a stasis tube in an unfamiliar doctor's office. She breaks out and goes on the run to understand the meaning of her new rose-colored hair and her strange new memories, but learns that she is being chased by a government organization who wants to retrieve those secrets.

  • The Orbit with DJ Oscillation - Ozzy loves his job on the most listened-to radio station in Stratos. This persists even as other personnel in his building are being let go by the company in an attempt to switch to more automated services. However, it becomes a little too much to handle when he learns that they plan to shut him down as well.

  • The Torch - On an unnamed landmass far from Earth, a large luminous crystal known simply to the settlers as the Torch suddenly falls onto the city of New Sovereignty and shatters apart, causing far-spread destruction. A few miles away on the outskirts of town, teenager Mac Aries regains consciousness and just realizes what has happened, now eager to find his cousin still in the city somewhere.

3. Present Alternative

  • ✓★ Bluelight - Out at sea with only a makeshift raft, a curious blue lantern, and absolutely no memory of anything but his name, Lucas comes upon an unknown island whose secrets lie deep in the heart of its forests. Other books in the series: Redwater, Greenfire, Silverwind, Goldstone, Whitesteel, Blackwood

  • ✓X★ ΨΨΨ (Tri Psi) - In an alternate dimension, Erin Preon is a silvery-haired and silvery-eyed boy who possesses psychic powers and a strong desire to uncover what happened to his sister Kayna. He enrolls in a school for Psions like himself and meets a young girl who looks suspiciously like his sister...

  • ✓★ Janus - One day while walking in the park, Aurora Maple finds a strange-looking medal at the bottom of a fountain and takes it home, learning that it allows the user to look both into the future and the past. Soon, her school mythology club learns about this and sends their president Jeffrey Banner to charm it away from her. When the club grows impatient with his progress, they start using less friendly methods to steal the artifact.

  • Eraser - While walking through the streets late at night, college junior Reese Allen gets mugged in an alley and manages to kill his attacker. Afraid to be discovered as an apparent murderer, he wishes that all evidence of the crime would be erased and, by some miracle, the body, blood, knife, and any evidence of the man's existence are gone. Now Reese tries to learn about his power, others like him with the same ability, and the beings who want to erase him.

  • Safe in Neverland - Dylan cares for little in this world, not school, not his parents, only his little sister Abby. One night while he's reading her the story of Peter Pan, a light from outside her window pulls the two siblings up towards the sky where they find a world that looks amazingly like Neverland. A fairy whom Dylan refers to as Peter tells them that he only brings the most miserable children to live in his paradise, but neglects to tell them about the evil lurking deep in the woods...

  • Passive Aggression - Ky was born on an island where teenage boys are made to fight each other for the adults' entertainment. His father, deciding that fights would be easier to win if Ky believed he was fighting for his life, conditions him to exclusively hit back after being attacked first, but harder. After the island is raided and the boys are rescued, Ky must adapt to civilized life and learn to control his violent reactions.

  • Lóng Garden - A new Asian-style garden is opened up in town and becomes highly popular with young couples. High school senior Terrance checks it out and finds a remarkably pretty girl whom he charms especially quickly, named Ju. As they walk through the garden together, an old man brings him aside to tell him the legend of how when a couple can find true love in the garden, its magic will be released. It's only when Terrance looks into this claim that he learns it may not be best to get too close to his new friend.

4. Future Reoriented

  • Love in Idleness - Nobody Eli Morgan grows suspicious when a boy he has a crush on, straight football-player Tyler Applyby, starts flirting back. Eli grows even more suspicious when he walks behind the air filtration plant and finds an enormous garden full of pollinating flowers.

  • Love in Production - Years after the events of Love in Idleness, Allie is the last person she knows who wasn't reoriented. Unable to find a father willing to actively contribute, she goes to a sperm bank where she meets a stock boy who used to work at the city air filtration plant. When he begs her to help take down the plant from the inside, she reluctantly agrees and begins to learn how far she would go to find a mate.

5. Fantasy Feral

  • ✓★ Familiar - In a kingdom ruled by the tyrant Lord Animus, humans have developed the ability to form special bonds with certain animals to form Units, thus making the the animals Familiars. But this does not go unnoticed by the tyrant Lord Animus, who seeks to use the Unit cohesion of his people and their Familiars to power his army. Trystan, and his canine Familiar Terrance, lead a band of Units to overthrow the king.

6. Past Divine

  • Incubi - Though always taught to be wary of demons, Mark Stillheart finds himself keeping dangerous secrets when he falls in love with one that visits him one night. In time, the Church of Divine Light, lead by Pastor Jeanette Minére, learns of this demon and seeks to destroy it.

7. Future Catastrophic

  • Project Orca - After Earth's atmosphere becomes dangerously polluted, people are living in undersea colonies. A meeting of the United Sea Nations introduces a plan to reclean the air, but Dominic Turner, the skeptical son of one of the USN members, imagines the project may not be what it seems when he follows another member to a restricted area of the colony.

8. Present Reappraised

  • Group 11 - In a mining town far off the map, the men are divided into several castes: the many low-class Coppers, the slightly higher-class Silvers, and the privileged upper-class Golds. Higher above them are the ruling Platinum who oversee the progress of the lower castes. Making a plan to overthrow the system is a rumored underground movement comprised of Coppers, Silvers, and Golds called Group 11, which is led by a man named "Roent" and which draws the attention of a certain Copper to seek out the organization.

    Working Titles 

  • Primacy
  • Just Friction
  • The Absence of Dark
  • Reprisal
  • Nothing Hurts
  • Life Must Keep Being Lived - after death
  • Forgotten Dreams
  • Together, Alone
  • Broken Glass/Shatter
  • HeartGuard/HeartThief
  • Talk to Me
  • Where is the World?
  • The Time Between
  • Step Off the Line
  • Suffer Sober
  • No More Words
  • It's Fun to Pretend
  • Shadow Line
  • (m)Any
  • Free Agent
  • Dissonant/Dishonest
  • What are friends...?
  • Soursweet
  • Don't Touch
  • (Though He Had) All Other Goods
  • _line
  • The Odds You'll Die Tomorrow
  • Bitter Little Thing
  • No More Gray
  • 270 Degrees
  • When the Lights Go Out
  • Hope and Faith
  • Among Humans
  • Transposure
  • In the Shadow of the City
  • Hide in the Light
  • Fall Into the Sky
  • Adverbially Verbing the Adjectival Noun
  • Outlie
  • Waiting
  • The Parts of the Whole
  • Friends of Friends
  • Never Never Shall I Ever
  • Money Never Spent
  • It's Not Love
  • A Sinless Life
  • The Universe Remembers
  • Trust You to Lie
  • After Eternity
  • Beautiful Dark/Hideous Light
  • Hellvenly
  • Wasted Days
  • I Love You, But...
  • You Can't Blame the Sun For Shining
  • Noise
  • Negative Zero
  • They Don't Have to Know
  • An Argument Over Definitions
  • I'll Never Let You Know
  • Both and Neither
  • Stop Being Human
  • The Secrets We Keep
  • Only Maybe
  • The Heart of a Hero
  • Unreliance
  • Destroy Hope
  • Bright Black
  • Quick to Dismiss
  • In the Spirit of the Thing
  • Close the Gap
  • Yellowed Paper
  • Concept
  • On the Dim Side
  • Give Them What They Didn't Know They Wanted
  • To Be Truly Free
  • You'd Think I Wasn't Trying
  • Worth Less
  • Order From Chaos
  • Something Got Lost
  • This Thing Between Us
  • curious
  • And yet...
  • Unity


Aylan - strong-willed and reflective, Aylan seeks to find his place on Earth after being cast out of Heaven. Once his comrades fall as well to follow his example, they place him as leader to fight against their many enemies in their new home.

Rank Psionics Aetherics Quintessent Gems ...
Angel Ψ Ripple - weakens or disorients an opponent Halo Flash - emits a blinding glare from the halo Air - a cross-cut topaz
Archangel Ψ Toss - propels an object in the direction of the throw Feather Barrage - sheds and hardens feathers to assault the target  
Principality Ψ Vanish - makes the user disappear or stores away objects Soul Thrust - strengthens the caster's weapon with Aether for a powerful blow Water - a pear-cut sapphire
Power Ψ Blast - releases a strong burst of psychic energy Pneumatic Beam - summons a deadly column of heavenly light  
Virtue Ψ Breath - heals and rejuvenates the user Spirit Hymn - empowers the singer to continue the fight Earth - a square-cut emerald
Dominion Ψ Guard - creates a psychic shield to deflect against attack Aether Seal - negates the spiritual field of an opponent and prevents attack  
Throne Ψ Crush - crushes a target with psychic force Rebirth - heals the user through prayer Fire - a triangle-cut ruby
Cherub Ψ Convert - takes control of the enemy's mind Elemental Focus - diverts the elements onto a target for punishment  
Seraph Ψ Erase - utterly annihilates the threat Quintessent Burst - ruptures the fabric of the Aether to create an explosion of intense power Light - a heart-cut diamond

Collection List

  • ✓vampire fang
  • ✓werewolf fur
  • ✓angel halo
  • ✓demon wing
  • ✓spider silk
  • ✓zombie bile
  • ✓skeleton bone
  • ✓ghost ectoplasm
  • ✓griffin claw
  • ✓mermaid scale
  • ✓unicorn horn
  • ✓dragon blood
  • ✓phoenix tears
  • ✓elemental extract
    • ✓Fire
    • ✓Water
    • ✓Air
    • ✓Earth
  • ✓sphinx mane
  • ✓cockatrice talon
  • ✓manticore tail
  • ✓harpy feather
  • ✓siren eyelash
  • ✓minotaur hoof
  • ✓alien sinew
  • ✓gorgon eye
  • ✓gargoyle gravel
  • ✓golem chip
  • ✓fairy dust
  • ✓sidhe essence

Aylan's Choir:

  • Saiel - a virtue, Aylan's confidante and the brains of the group. Fights with the wind sword Aeolian.
  • Camille - an aggressive virtue who leaves Heaven on her own, bringing the rest of Aylan's Choir down with her. Fights with the water sword Aqueous.
  • Fermari - a young, quiet virtue who loves the planet he fell to and its many natural sights. Fights with the earth sword Terrestrial.
  • Remulus - an enthusiastic virtue with a zeal for combat. Fights with the fire sword Igneous.

The Source - The Primordial Mold used by God to forge the universe. A piece was stolen and hidden by a lone angel before he was cast out of Heaven. The piece is now hidden in a secret dimension known only by the angel and used by him to create a life for himself on Earth while staying out of sight of the Host of Heaven.





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