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Hello, AttObl227, aka Uujishima here!

I'm a former Lurker of TV Tropes...

I'm a Gamer that likes Independent and Doujin Gaming, Nintendo, The PS 2 and PS 3 (Which I'm currently playing right now), and Freeware Games. I play a LOT of Mitadake High, and you'll usually see me at Forkkie's (or her friends) Server. (One of my Favorite Servers, by the Way.) I USED to play it, but other things are taking my time.

My Birthday is May 18, and I'm currently 16 Years old as of now.

Might possibly be shipped with Irisu Kyouko, then again, she needs a big hug. Also, Flandre Scarlet, Sakuya Izayoi, Maria, and the Lindwurm Sisters.

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I will get ALLTYNEX Second soon! YAY!

Backloggery Here. I need to update it moar...

You can contact me at: attobl2277 AT Live Dot Com.

Vandalizations go here:

Hi. Definately recommend Etrian Odyssey. They're awesome. -clockworkapider

You know what Clock Tower is. We're gonna be getting along JUST fine. -Tofu

I don't see you much outside of Forum Games, but you sure do add ample entertainment to that subforum. Cliché

I automatically quit Elona when my Little Girl dies (even after I found out that she could be revived)-Yarrunmace

Even on my userpage, F.O.E.! ~Glenn Magus Harvey

Vandal Sign "One Small Sentence" ~ Darxzero

One of these days we will meet in Mitadake High. Most likely it will not go well for me. Noaqiyeum

Hello. I would think of something witty, but I have about the wit of a chewed up sock. So I'll just lay down the generic "you're a cool guy with a great sense of humor." Really, though, you are. - Gentlemanorcus

BANG! There, my work here is done... - Made Of Axes

Godot Was Here.


SOMEBODY was here. - Amused Troper Guy