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Tofu is a 24 year old female Troper. She's been known to apply tropes to characters she creates and is known to wantonly edit when she finds any trope that puts Resident Evil in mind. She also has a thing for making ridiculous theories and trying to prove them, for example, FF 7 is just someone's "Wesker Wins" AU for RE 5.

Possesses a tumblr that is more or less just a puddle of Resident Evil themed silly. And she's liveblogging Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds currently.


A feminist. Almost terrifyingly liberal. Best shaken, not stirred, and preferably served with rum.

Below is Tofu's Identification Box. Arrows indicate results of Character Development

She is also:

She helped significantly enough with:

And she created the following:

And is going to un-redlink these as soon as she has time:

And here is her list of Author Appeal and you'll see it frequently:

  • Chew Toy - her namesake character, Tofu, is one of these.
  • Princesses - mother of god and all her whacky nephews she loves playing princesses.
  • Ballet - obsessed with it.
  • Megane
  • Ridiculously anime hair
  • Shounen hero archetypes
  • Yanderes
  • Baras
  • Badass red-haired women with muscles, guns and bottles of booze (see: Saints Row the Third protagonist Ilya and Fallout: New Vegas courier Elsa Road)
  • Chris Redfield

Vandalism from "back in the day"

WilliamWideWeb notes that even he can only handle so much Jack Chick, as that's part of the reason he also has a Star Trek The Original Series liveblog.

A fellow prgrammer my age? Cool! -signed, Kinkajou

WilliamWideWeb is vandalizing your page again!

SuperDimensionman was here.

You're one of my favorites. No, not that way! - Kinkajou: Electric Boogaloo

Also, Jeremiah Gottwald? You are Aondeug, aren't you? -WilliamWideWeb

Haven just noticed you linked to one of his tropes in your blog! If that doesn't make you a worthy sidekick, I don't know what does. (On the other hand, is being a Killer DM really a good sidekick quality? Must investigate further.)

Vandalism is bad! *signs name on Tofu's page ~WillyFourEyes

I LOST THE GAME (P.S Joshx Neku FTW!) ~ VincitOmniaVeritas

Hi! - Mapi

  • I forgot to mention that you're the most moe person on this site. :)

Official Nickname: Tofurkey ~OTB

Hello there! - CatchTheSun

Scribble scrabble SAKUJO! - DoomTay

Heh, glad you liked my avatar. -Gelzo

We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Your existance as you know it is over. You will adapt to service us.

We should have a girly fight over Henry and make the male tropers pay to watch. It'll be a blast, and we'll end up with money AND Henry! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?? -FreezairForALimitedTime

Hello. :D - VincitOmniaVeritas

And this comment will make you Mad-Eyed and Moody. - NotSoBadassLongcoat

Hey, Tofu! It's Lime! I didn't know you were a Troper too. :D

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! I almost forgot to sabotage your page, but this has now been rectified! —goodtimesfreegrog

Hello again. Yeah, you know something's up when a troper hits your page thrice, eh? ;) -Kinkajou

Hi there, new friend. - Arcolops

Why Tofu is so sweet: When she was young her parents gave her a sunrise that was sprinkled with morning dew and it was covered in chocolate and a miracle or two. And when Tofu ate it it's sweetness passed on to her and she became the Tofu we all know and love. :3-Elmer36919

Cheeseypoofs wasn't here.. at all... ev- Oh, look! A kitty!

Four may be death but I am here because you're lively. Hey! - A friend

Cheeseypoofs again. Yes I would like to be friends. Like your blog, by the way.

Hey Princess, I need a sword forged. Think you can help me? ;) - Keybreak

How can you be my stalker when I'm letting you talk to me? - Honey

The other half of the most adorable and romantic thing I've ever seen on the forums. As a matter of fact, ever. - Krrackknut.

Celebrian here. Tofu, I am very, very touched by the fact that I inspire you and that I am your hero. I love you always and I hope you will always find a way to get through the rough things that arise in your life. I look forward to many, many more days on TV Tropes with you.-Dark Lady Celebrian

Hello princess! —Your prince

This Page has been Vandalized by AttObl227

Hey there! We don't know each other too well, but your poetry and fanfiction are nice, and I gotta love anyone who's still holding out for a sequel to the fucking best game ever besides maybe Yoshi's Island. Also, I squee over many, many things, mostly Hellsing, but I hope to one day Squee for Gurren Lagann. So, I hope that we can get to know each other better, because you seem cool! - Burinnu

Godot Was Here.

Haha! Found a trope to tropefy you with.

Hello. My name is Jseblan. Your page is funnier than mine. Prepare to be vandalized. OH WAIT YOU ALREADY HAVE. HAHA, my bad. awaaaayyyy

*arrives for vandalism*


Jstriker is here. He has Always been here.

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