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A witty saying proves nothing.

RETIRED FROM THE FORUMS (with the exception of Trope Repair Shop). Please use the wiki discussion pages; a lot of them could use your help.

My life is not important. What you see is what you get.

For you Mad Libs fans:

  • (noun, Title) is a deeply (adjective, scientific / humanities area of study) and (adjective, scientific / humanities area of study) work, with (noun) so (noun, emotion / sensation) you'll forget how incredibly (adjective, reaction) everything else is. It's also filled with (noun, questionable element).

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Lifted Off:


  • Forum Games Evolution Principle - the games that stay at the top are those that go fast, and fast games are those that require less thought. (coined by Tzetze)
  • Troper cast list for Harry Potter. I did others, but this is the one I'm most proud of and it seemed to get a fairly positive reception.



    Highly Recommended Works 

  • Ed Wood: Strange, funny, and heartwarming. Strange because it pretends to be a Rags to Riches story despite being anything but. Funny because it's Ed Wood. Heartwarming because of how all those freaks stick together and accept each other no matter what society thinks.
  • Bit Trip Series: It's close to a meditative experience. At first, everything seems so disorienting, but as you continue playing, everything clicks into place and you just instinctively know what to do. You become one with the music, the visuals, the game itself.
  • Queen: Their lyricism is poetry, with themes that penetrate through the abstract mind as well as the concrete.

    Most Hated Words and Phrases 

  • Deconstruction: Lol, tropes are stupid. I'm so edgy.
  • Reason: Thank you Ayn Rand for ruining the word.
  • Strong Female Character: The "greenwashing" of gender politics. No, having a woman punch a man in the face does not automatically make good characterization.
  • Universally: 99% of the time, it is universally used wrong.
  • I've Lost Faith In Humanity: In most cases, their faith wasn't very strong in the first place then.

    Reaction Images 

This is an image expressing disapproval posted here for reference. This is for bad jokes. And this is useful forum advice (credit goes to Central Avenue for the upload).

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Cliche is a Cliché, we've all seen this before - Parable

Cliche could be much worse - Noimporta

I feel sullied and unusual. (Cheers, Cliche, you're the first person to abuse my page!) —Broken Chaos

Thank you for Sugar Wiki. - Tyrekecorrea

You seem to be a pretty cool guy. - Flanker66

What are you doing with my signature? You thief! ...ah well, great minds think alike and all that. :) Keybreak

I avoid Cliche like the plague. (OK, that's actually a quote from a mental_floss T-shirt.) No, really, though, you seem like a cool guy, like Flanker said. - iamdatroper

You seemed to disappear from the thread and I'm not sure if you saw my reply, so I'll copy paste it here: "I could make cracks at your nationality if you'd rather. I'm American, so I'm awesome at making fun of people from other countries. (and I was totally kidding, I'm sure you smell lovely <3)" Also, I edited my comment in case you do want to edit out the info. Nonsensical Lyric

  • Admittedly, I shouldn't have been so anal. I apologize for that. (Cliche)

I really should liveblog Deadly Premonition, you're right. I've already played and beaten it before, so it wouldn't be new to me, so I wouldn't be able to give a fresh perspective of someone seeing it all for the first time, so I don't know if I can really do it justice. But still, maybe I'll play through it again sometime, and try to remember to liveblog it. And thanks for the comment on my page! Bonsai Forest

A nice cliche is never out of the way. - Amused Troper Guy


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