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"I'm kind of envious of AU and CA's abilities to derive profound fascination from the mundane."

Not an actual street, but a 24-year-old (trans)woman from Central Ohio. I am a self-described anorak who rather enjoys roads and retail, among other things, and I do not hesitate to ramble about said topics if given the chance.

I discovered this site in May 2008 while seeking out Torchwood spoilers, though I largely drifted away from the forums in 2011-2012. Nowadays I can mostly be found on Heapers' Hangout, an offshoot of Yack Fest's Trash Heap thread.

Anonus is my mindlink buddy and I love him dearly.

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    My Sockpuppets 
I've had many more sockpuppets not listed here, but these are my current remaining ones:
  • Central Alice (mainly used as a holding place for excess avatars these days)
  • Charlotte (my 8-year-old female alter-ego)
  • Mobile Avenue: An alternate account for when I post from my mobile phone.

Alternative Title(s): Charlotte, Central Alice, Mobile Avenue


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