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20-year-old aspiring actor/writer/artist/eccentric who spends far too much time online.

She is an example of the following tropes:


Things she likes other than wasting time/ways she often wastes time regardless of whether or not she actually likes it:

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     Board Games 



    Live Action TV 

    Manga and Anime 


    Real Life 
  • Oscar Wilde is a close personal friend. My favorite painting of mine is a portrait/love letter to his work painted on the covers of a bunch of book I glued together


    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

    Web Original 

Testimonials (this is the place for you to leave messages/sing my praises/shatter my self-esteem):

You're so awesome! - Phyi

You love cats? I've got some cats that need a good home! In fact, I keep them in my trenchcoat... here, let me show you— SWEET IRONY, WHY AM I COVERED IN MY OWN BLOOD?! - 17-A


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