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06/10/2014 18:43:13 •••

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

We all know The Angry Video Game Nerd for taking us back to the past to play the shitty games that suck ass, coupled with hilarious over-the-top theatrics. However, this episode is a departure from his usual style of comedy. Yep, there's no wanton violence against fictional characters to be found here. The cursing is also incredibly toned down from his typical game showcases. Most of all, the game isn't actually crud, just incredibly weird.

As usual, The Angry Video Game Nerd does a good job of background exposition concerning why Michael Jackson was so important in the 80's in which he grew up, setting up a fine context for the game showcase which was all the rage at the time. After that, he takes a backseat somewhat to let the game speak for itself. In place of What Do You Mean Its Not Awesome in-your-face slapstick are simpler gags at key moments such as his facial reactions to Jackson's crotch-grabbing move, his attempts to dance along with Jackson, repeatedly showing the kid rescue scenes to emphasize the creepy undertones that "I know what we're alllll thinking", and of course, "Mecha-Jackson! The King of Robopop!", succintly summing up the game's Crowning Moment Of Awesome. Though he points out the game's many flaws as well, this reviewer nonetheless became too enraptured by the madness of the game's premise to care.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is an atypical Nerd episode, but the subdued humour communicates the premise of one of the weirdest video games ever made very, very well. This is a truly memorable Nerd moment, even without the wanton violence and gratuitous swearing.

06/10/2014 00:00:00

Moonwalker was a weird game, but it was memorable because of MJ.

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