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Hello, as you may have inferred, I am Flanker66. As you may have also guessed, I have a keen interest in aviation, and I am also interested in Physics and machinery. By the way, I am not very fond of Apple, anime (for the most part), and Firefox.

Oh yeah, and according to krrackknut on the Memetic Tropers thread (cheers, mate!) I "...[Flanker 66] tamed all the Garuda birds, eats fried Phoenix for breakfast, and rides the cosmic winds on wings of brass, black iron, fire, and lightning.

...And he can do every 'ace pilot' trick."

Is also a member of the Canon Corps.

I've received a Made of Forum Win from Iverum and Lemurian for my post RAPTURE: REVERBERATIONS OF VILLAINY in the "Memes from the 19th Century Internet" topic. Can be seen here.

I'm also currently on a quest to become a pilot. Got just over 10 hours under my belt...

For the most part I am not a terribly interesting person.


As long as it isn't offensive, feel free to add something here (be it a trope, or something you just want to say about me).

I wanna be the copilot! - Knighted (Sure! - Flanker 66)

A wild L3wt has appeared! (Oh god, what do I do?! I hope my pokeballs work! - Flanker 66)

Uh, hi there. Thanks for that. ~Zyxzy (No problem, I guess - Flanker 66)

Thatnks for letting me GM Roll To Dodge. The Plum-Meister ("With a little help from my friends..." - Flanker 66)

Hey! Don't get shot down! - Kinkajou (Got it! - Flanker 66)

Hello Flanker! Your page has been vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICEa vandal (WHAT A TWIST! - Flanker 66)

Glad to know I'm not the only aviation enthusiast round here. Happy Landings!-Catfish42 (Nice to see you! - Flanker 66)

I think Flanker66 is a pretty cool guy. Eh likes planes and doesn't afraid of anything. Oh, and thank you for starting the aviation thread. -Frog753 (No problemo! - Flanker 66)

Sorry young man, your grounded. - Parable (Aw man... that sucks! - Flanker 66)

This page was vandalized by everybody's favorite princess. (That's swell! - Flanker 66)

That was MY office... You watch your ass. (O...Okay... - Flanker 66)

Remind me how awesome I was breaking up those crime rings again? - HungryJoe (Very awesome. Props! - Flanker 66)

So really, what kind of plane was that avatar? - Keybreak

Maybe a "Flanker?" -HungryJoe (It's a Su-34 Fullback. Couldn't find a picture of a Flanker that would fit. Thanks for the vandalism, though! - Flanker 66)
  • Hey brother! - Rumetzen (INTERNET BROFIST - Flanker 66)

And every damned word I said was true. Here's to the last aviator hero. - Krrackknut. (Thanks... - Flanker 66)

No John... You are a troper. - X 1 Kyriaki (And then I got cut listed. - Flanker 66)

1 T@LK 5 d@ l33tz h3r3, r1ght? - Takwin (FTW! - Flanker 66)

I brought you a present - Schitzo (Dinosaurs: making things more epic since before humanity! - Flanker 66)

Hello, Flanker! I don't know whether you remember me, but we met on Troper Updates. Could you please give me again that link leading to the aviation forum? - NathanielTheSeeker (I do remember you. I will send the link in a PM. Nice to see you! - Flanker 66)

You are The Ace. — Morven (No, you're the ace! - Flanker 66)

Flanker is pretty cool. I've learned a lot about planes from him. Plus, he's a fellow Brit, which is always nice. - The Jackal (I could say the same about you! - Flanker 66)

Though you fly through the shadow of the valley of death you shall fear now evil. For you are at 1000 feet and climbing. Tuefel Hunden IV (And that's where my location comes from! Thanks, Tuefel! - Flanker 66)

Why hello there Flanker-or should I say BEST GEE EM EVAR.-Dreadnought (Stop! You're making me blush! - Flanker 66)

Well, I WAS going to add a comment, but I noticed the "and I despise Firefox" text near the top of the page and got butthurt. D: -Parakaitz (It's mostly Hype Backlash and I'm not going to kill you for it! - Flanker 66)

Afternoon, Captain! Just refilling the fuel tanks. Popcorn? (Yeah, sure! - Flanker 66)

Scots Wa'hae! Hoots man! Er...och aye the noo! Now I feel dirty, for having ever said any of that. *offers Irn Bru* Addy The Pawn Slayer (Cheers, lad! - Flanker 66)

I live... BEWARE!!! Strigon (I think you mean BEWARE, I LIVE! - Flanker 66)

Godot Was Here (Wellinever! - Flanker 66)

On Nov. 03, 2010, It was decreed by the will of her royal highness that a "Mr. Flanker 66" shall become a Knight of the Musical Realm. May all who question him be fed with virtue, and question no more. May all who spoil him forever slave in their own corridors and be a bother no more. And most importantly, may all who have ears listen, for he knows how to ROCK! Roman Myth (That's got my seal of approval! - Flanker 66)

So, I heard you wanted more vandalism here -spraypaints the entire page- there, done. Balmung (...Yay? - Flanker 66)

*flypast* Sabre's Edge (*thumbs up* - Flanker 66)

So you're the anti-Füschlatz O'Reilly? -???? (Apparently? - Flanker 66)

On this day did the Hydrall rise from the depths of Hy'lyeh, and did open its fetid maw and say: OHAITHARWHATUDOINMINDIFFENIVANDALIZEURPAEG? (MY MIND HAS BROKEN. WHAAAARRRRGARBL - Flanker 66)

Not an interesting person? Anyone who can fly a plane is aces on my book. - Amused Troper Guy

I'm surprised no one's said this yet, so...DO A BARREL ROLL! Exploder

Nevermind Dante, he's just trying to be helpful. -desdendelle

So, you wish to be a pilot? Say hello to my customary "anti-aircraft salvo" greeting for me, will you? And get back to work! -Insano