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No, I refuse.

Do you really think that I can cram 17 years of my life into a few lines of text?

Questions, comments, theories on the nature of reality? Put them right below here.

  • Salutations, Yarrunmace! — Flanker 66
    • Morning, Senior Airman!
  • Huh? You're a girl? Sorry, just did not expect that. ~Kuro Fox
  • Good to see you here. What are you currently reading? ~ Aliroz The Confused.
    • Something some guy with a hat wrote on my page.
  • Another Secret Rings fan, eh? Jolly good. Sonic and the Black Knight was quite a disappointment, huh? - Komodin
    • You can feel the lack of effort coming out of that game. One of the best things Sonic Team had going for it, and they screwed up.
  • For a sheet of paper, you're quite active. Good day, sir! - MadeOfAxes
    • Nah, I'm not the sheet, I'm the troper! Hikaru Yarrunmace can't type!
  • Do you have a favorite Shoot 'Em Up game that isn't Touhou? - AttObl227
  • FOOLISH FOOL! Segata Sanshiro does not equal Chuck Norris! He only equals... A-CHUCK-A NORRRIS! RIDING-ON-A-SHARK-THATS-AS-BIG-AS-JAAAWS!.. There is a power level difference.-rifflet
    • Teacher! I noticed you marked something wrong when it was right. Can you bump my grade from an A+ to an A++?
      • ... No. -shoots- -rifflet
      • -dodges bullet- Don't. That may have worked in a forum thread, or in real life, but this is my page. -gives rifflet a cup of tea- Now, let's settle this peacefully, shall we?
      • ... Fine. We shall discuss this like mentle-gen.
      • The tea is poiso(is shot) ~ Aliroz The Confused.
      • WHAAAAAAAAA-oh hi there Yarrun! - Game Chainsaw
      • Oh, Chainsaw! Here, tea?
  • 'Lo, yarrun. You're quite entertaining. Stay cool. Or something. - Gentlemanorcus
    • Hey, Orcus. Keep playing them forum games.
  • Vandalism is my middle name >:D - A Crack In Time
    • A Crack Vandalism in Time? Has a nice ring to it.
  • What's this? FREE popcorn!? Color me intrigued! — Sean Murray I
    • Free? No, I give out donations of popcorn. Free popcorn will cost you YOUR SOUL, which I will then fill with liiiiiiight!
      • Fridge Logic: If it's free, then why does it cost MY SOUL? — Sean Murray I
      • ...Sunspots, Yukari, Nemisis Plot, The Warp, the island, Superboy Punch, Hypertime, The Force, or Haruhi. Pick one that satisfies you.
  • Sorry, I can't give you that cookie. Shame, too, I thought you'd be the one. But, I can give you this! -tosses yarrun another bag of popcorn- You'd better be happy, because I've just used all my popcorn-spawning spells for the entire week... -Midnight Velvet
    • -gives MV a week's supply of pocorn-
  • Godot Was Here.
  • People do read contributor pages, you know. They also vandalise them. —a vandal
    • Thank you for reminding me.
  • You have no idea how happy it makes me seeing not just one but two tropes that I've created in another troper's post signature. It makes me feel Bigger Than Jesus. I could almost explode!Sean Murray I
    • Don't. Where am I going to get my inspiration from?
  • Do you see this? This is where you impose1QQ$#@%#Q%$QRR 2#$E#$ET. —Snicklin
  • You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older... —Imipolex G
  • Trick or Treat! -Ozbourne
  • Trick or Treat! -Milos Stefanovic
  • Trick or treat! -Haldo
  • Haven't seen you around for awhile, or at least not in BANNED! Wassup? Also, awesome stuff up there. I'll read it sometime when it isn't three and a quarter in the morning. —Artemis92
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