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Hi. I'm Made Of Axes.

I mostly lurk, but can be found in the Role-Play section fairly often. I'm a participant in World War X (which I provide the artwork for), and The Imperium Of Man Comes To Gensokyo, although I've been in a few other roleplays, usually not for very long. I'm currently acting as a GM for SBURG, a Homestuck-based roleplay.

I started the following works pages:

I also created and launched Parachute in a Tree, which might just be my one meaningful addition to the Tvtropes community at large.

And I am not actually literally Made Of Axes.

The Pitifully Small Vandals Section:

  • Just a heads up, the next time we are both in forum games, I will use the pun 'Made Of Asses'. Nothing against you, it's just an awesome pun - rifflet - {Curses! I can't think of a way to pun you back!}
  • Heya dude! You still reading Avatar Arena? -Artemis92 - {Ah... no... In fact, I only discovered the fact you PM'ed me about it when I trawled through the whole pm archive to find something... Sorry mate.}
  • Godot Was Here. - Wellinever
  • You have just been vandalized. The floor is now made of glass and over a giant aquarium.-Poisonarrow
  • The first step has been made, battle-brother! May there be many more!-The loud and overly enthusiastic one


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