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Snicklin Is a male troper from the United States. He goes to college and loves books.

Snicklin joined TV Tropes in 2011 to sate his boredom on the forums. Since he has gained some notoriety as a forum user, he picked up a more mature attitude toward the forum community where it counts.

Snicklin's greatest creative influences:


You like jazz?
Snicklin on vacation in Ireland

Snicklin includes examples of:

  • Apologizes a Lot: Snicklin has been mistaken for a Canadian. His habit of saying "sorry" to the slightest offenses, even on behalf of other people, has done more harm than good.
  • Catchphrase: "{Is bread}" was a phrase typically used by Snicklin when he would role play as a loaf of bread on the forums, attributed by betterthanstrawberry. It was a very moot point for him that he may return to in the future.
  • The Gadfly: To balance out his very civil social life, Snicklin likes/liked savagely derailing conversations on TV Tropes.
  • Giftedly Bad: Snicklin's knacks seem to go into one of two categories: very passionate about, and very good at.
  • Hippie Parents
  • It Runs in the Family
  • Kryptonite Factor: Snicklin does not like house centipedes. Just ask.
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  • Not So Above It All
  • Old Shame: Snicklin has a collection of comic books which he wrote and illustrated himself somewhere in a landfill.
  • Real Men Cook: Empanadas, omelets, and Greek burgers are some of Snicklin's most successful products.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: In real life, Snicklin struggles at translating his thoughts into speech. The big fancy terms he uses are usually meant to disguise his below-average ability to communicate.
    • His knowledge of big words is greater than his understanding of them, which makes for some funny and/or painful conversation with him.
    • At a younger age, Snicklin went on a tirade with an adult using utter gibberish that was intended to sound like formal speech. He utterly cumdiculated. It's a great moment to think back on.
  • True Neutral: This page redirects from VERY Neutral Breadbou Funposting At Incredible Average Speed
    • He's not quite a bleeding heart, but not quite a hawk
    • He's not quite a geek, but not quite a jock
    • He's into classics but is relatively new
    • He hates making friends but loves talking to them too.

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