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Tropes made by myself.

Wrote the initial YKTTW for:

Two indexes...

You've reached the end of this tropers page! Feel free to vandalise anything below this line... or above it, really, I don't care that much, just don't eliminate the launched tropes, it'd be a pain to repair.

"No vandalism yet? Blasphemy! I'm going to spraypaint my initials here... wait, I don't have any of that. Hmm... okay, better idea: going to write my name in blood. Exaggeration17A (It's blue because it came out of my veins.)"

You, my friend, are veritably Made Of Win. Cheers! - Made Of Axes

  • Oh, so I'm made of win am I?... ooh, thank you! :D

Godot Was Here.

Empathy for chickens, <3 to you. Ian Ex Machina

"G is for Game. Game Chainsaw subjugated twenty factions in the English quest for glory. That's as many as two-and-a-half eights." - Iniquitus The Third

What, no love for Sonic Colors? - Komodin

  • Haven't picked the series back up yet. Shadow kind of scared me off. Come to think of it I really should think about getting back into the games... if only to see for myself just how bad 2006 was. GC.
    • Watch pokecapn's LP of it, then. And then go onto Unleashed, Colours and Generations. - TARDISES

Ahem. As one of the many tropers I like, and have no song... here's a song. This one goes out to you, mate,
A fellow who is really great,
Tolerant, liberal, a Scottish me!
You got da witty things to say you see,
One to guard the wrong from right,
Fighting whatever is the good fight,
Sometimes wrong, well I guess,
Helping to clean up our mess,
A Europhile, no less,
A great, cracking guy,
Smarts that are pretty fly,
Humour that gets cooler,
You cannae hate the man,
Come on mate, you gotta find his way, - Hopey

...Whoops, where am I? -gets out Troper map- Damn. Should have taken a right at Administrivia. Well, nice to drop by! - OMalley

Another proud moment for America... me vandalizing this page for you! — USAF713

  • DAMN VANDALS! Worse than the bloody rioters, they are! :P

It's simple. Just take the hydraulic phase shift emulator, and attach it to the transdimensional photon particle emitter. Bam! New tower. -desdendelle

  • ?

I've just annexed your page. Get the hell off of my property. RichReeders

  • "Oh, sure, hi governor! Lovely weather. (Keeps going on as if nothing happened.)
Okay; you asked for it. "CALL IN THE ARMY!

What the hell do you mean "We don't have one of those"?





Oh great, so what do we have?

You're kidding. You're kidding right?

*SIGH* Call in that guy named Steve who owns the metal baseball bat!

(Jesus, guys; I told you spend the money on the military. No I don't care if everyone in the country got a free PS 3...Look, just shut up; I'm embarrassed enough as it is...) RichReeders