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Troper from France. As the name suggests, I am a large, hairy and potentially violent individual.

Was working on getting some acceptable titles in the French section. These days, I listen to the Voices whispering dark and wondrous things in my head, which I then leave to wither away and die because I'm a horrible person put Up For Grabs on YKTTW. Haven't launched any tropes, but I am responsible for thinking up Chariot Race and the title for Bottom of the Barrel Joke, for what it's worth. Also created a page for Lanfeust, as not enough people know about it. Also launched Standard Establishing Spaceship Shot, Telephone Polearm, Our Ogres Are Hungrier, Our Gargoyles Rock, Our Centaurs Are Different, Catapult to Glory, Invictus, Robin Hood 2010, Paid-for Family, Les Visiteurs, Gretel And Hansel, Give Chase with Angry Natives, On Your Mark, Blackout Blink, The Duenna, Dream Sue, Paladog, Belial, Deff Skwadron, Windbag Politician, The Peacekeeper, Takeover, Medical Monarch, Damnation Crusade, Two-Way Tapping, Antlion Monster, Shameful Source of Knowledge, Blood and Thunder, Planet of Hats (the webcomic, not the trope), The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Viva Caligula, The Redeemer, The Mansions Of The Gods, , Pagan Vengeance, Zeus Master Of Olympus, Annoying Background Event, Embarrassing Superpower, Not an Act, Contempt Crossfire, Job Mindset Inertia, Crime-Concealing Hobby, Overzealous Underling, Unfulfilled Purpose Misery, Pike Peril, Stealth Escort Mission, Giant Animal Worship, Underling with an F in PR, Modernized God, Resource-Gathering Mission, Love Forgives All but Lust, and A Tale Told by an Idiot. And while I wasn't looking, someone launched Meditating Under a Waterfall, Disposable Vagrant, and Zombify the Living, three of the aforementioned orphaned YKTT Ws. Launched, but did not start, Historical Character's Fictional Relative.

Recently became addicted to Forum Games, where I am either a much larger, much more violent, VERY MUCH LOUDER version of my real-world self, or a dark and sinister god Disney's most awesome creation to date. Or Heracles and Hercules. Or the BLU Team. Or King Kong. Or a Mighty Darknut. Or a tank with enough guns to qualify as a platoon all to itself (along with an Ork Mekboss & crew) Or a Gray Knight. Or the Dullahan Or Isaac. Or an oversized water-spewing crocodile of doom. Or a demigod in the body of a wimp. Or Czernobog (again). Or BLU Heavy (again). Or Lord Anub'arak, king of Azjol'Nerub. Or Khimari of the Ronso.

Now a participant in World War X, The Imperium Of Man Comes To Gensokyo, A Game Of Gods, and Aut Omnia Aut Nihil.


Heh, my ears are still ringing. :) - Keybreak

My page is under attack by Wiki Vandals! TO ARMS!!!!

Your involvement in the Noodle Incident is suspicious. -Takwin

Fight on, battle-brother! - Vox

shh. hi i am trying to hide ryal

Godot Was Here.

...Why do I feel like I haven't seen you in a while? -Spooky Mask

How have I not visited vandalism upon this page before? Shame on me. -Artemis92

Obfuscating Ham. I think that needs to be a trope, my friend. —- Colonial1.1

Fire at will! -desdendelle

A Real Life Toblerone! - Amused Troper Guy

Chabal! What is best in life? -Test Your Might

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