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Shlapintogan is a man on a mission.

What mission? I don't know, I just edit the page, it's probably something awesome though. Probably something awesome FOR AMERICA!

Shlapintogan is a twenty year old male troper who has been on the site as a known troper for around a year or so, but has been lurking about for longer than that. His interests include video games (he's studying to be a programmer), literature, tabletop games (and the mathematics included therein), European and American Martial Arts, and a little bit of artistry on the side. He identifies as straight, but is accepting of other sexualities, be it bi, homosexual, or ace; he is currently single. He enjoys soda (particularly Coca-cola) and his Trademark Favorite Food is apple pie. His alignment would be Lawful Neutral.

Shlapintogan is a pacifist. At least in the real world. He also doesn't drink alcoholic beverages or smoke.

He is also as Noir as one can get without being a chain smoker in sepia tone.

Forum Semi-Regular, occasional IRC visitor, and all-in-all just a very average troper.

Tropers that Shlapintogan holds in high regard (along with a short gush)

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    Abbreviate my name here because all the cool kids are doing it 
  • Schlappy, perhaps?
  • Slappy by the kewl kid.

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Vandalize here please?

Since you asked nicely! Private eye monologuing is fun. A fellow noir fan? —a vandal

Here's to a fellow detective. - Krrackknut.

* nukes from orbit* -Kinkajou

Your Private Eye Monologue thread is the best thread. Thank you for it. —Agent Nomnom Jayden

I looked carefully at this Shlapintogan guy. He had trouble written on him like Titanic. Fedora, trenchcoat, permastubble; he had all the trappings of me on a saturday morning. But something was wrong. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was the broad on his arm. She was wearing red and had legs like a silky escalator to heaven. She looked at me like a really hungry shark looks at something it intends to eat and I felt myself go hard like Contra without the konami code. My monologue was collapsing in on itself. Shlapintogan looked me dead in the eye and drew his revolver, shooting me in the forehead like a guy shooting another guy who'd just completed a monologue that the shooter found irritating. I fell down dead like the raccoon I'd found stuck upside-down in my trashcan only the week before. At this point, my monologue stopp-



>Drives through the wall in a tank<

"All your profile is belong to me! BUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!" -Space Jawa

A thread he started, 'bout the joys of noir.
For daring damsels and men hardcore.
Dramatic monologues he posted en masse.
Epic metaphors he shot like bullets right out of his ass.
This guy fought a bull with his bare hands, and won!
He's the one giving nightmares to Atilla the Hun.
And there're sure to be deeds which remain yet untold.
So here's to Slappy and his heart of gold!

~ Tachi

Hey there, The Crimson Knight here, nice to meet you. Thanks for helping me out with the page.

Just wondering, when are we going to play that game, Shlap? - Krrackknut.

You aren't still going to beat me up for stealing your office, are you? - Flanker 66

Greetings fellow troper. Please accept this dollar as payment for this senseless vandalism.Central Avenue

Oh, most exalted Master of the Game, I thank thee for the divine gift thine hast bestowed upon me, a humble wretch! ~ Hungry Joe

This is it. This is the bloke who dragged me into the thread of Private Eye Monologues. And this is the bloke who, at the end of said thread, made a Film Noir game and got me into it too. Kudos for managing to do that to someone who's never had a taste of noir before. —Moonwalker

Hey look, a shiny! - Korgmeister


A wild Ozbourne appeared!


Hello - Schitzo

I will vandalize!
Though I do not use spray paint.
Have some syllables.


^Oh come on, ZeZe.
What do you expect from me?
I'm not Japanese... \\ -Runic

I picture you as Lemeza. - English Ivy

  • Well, it was my avatar for a while back when I joined up.

I don't even like Adventure Time... - BLOODPOUCH

  • That only makes it better.

Shlapintogan huh? Weird name. Must be foreign. Still, a job is a job. I broke into his office late at night and moved his furniture several centimetres to the left. That way when he arrived in the morning, he'd feel vaugely out of place and keep bumping into things. He asked for vandalism though, so I guess that's how he would've wanted it. Weirdo. Polymphus

  • I walked into my office early that morning. There was an air of wrongness about it, as if a truck had run through it and took all my hopes and dreams with it. It was then that I noticed it. "Who moved my furniture?"

MISSLE PAUNCH!...I really need to watch that show. - Krrackknut.

Wait, hold still... I'm gonna heal you with my assault rifle. - IthilionTheBrave


Legend of Zelda and Mel Brooks... Let's be best friends. - M'sieur Lapin

I'm vandalizing your page. I should probably do it like a gentleman. - betterthanstrawberry

The faeries made me do it. - StolenByFaeries

Friendly enemies or hateful friends? I'm hurt...I was going for eternal rival. ;P - Keybreak

You have instilled a deep distrust for cars in me... They will rise up again! WE ARE DOOMED! - Miijhal

Professional: I was asked for vandalism, sir, so that's what I did.
Suave: "Vandalize here"? That's what she said...
Aggressive: Cut the crap. I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions. You want vandalism, I want the missiles. It's a deal. - Mike Thorton

As soon as I read the first line, my mind began singing the theme from Rawhide. - Amused Troper Guy