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Was briefly known as Aygent Nomnom Jayden, ditched the y. Went by the handle Daiquiri when I first got here a long time ago, but that troper is dead now and the limp, cold, lifeless account is being ruthlessly looted for avatars by survivors.

I've got an icon gallery full of Uncanny Valley and I'm not afraid to use it.

I have contributed the following tropes to our fine society

I also penned the pages for the following works

And this person

Oh, and the character sheet for

I will not apply any tropes to myself because, well, that's just silly, you shouldn't define a real person with such labels. That, and I just don't feel like getting off my ass to... aw, crap!

Oh, might as well:

Tropes that other tropers think apply to me

Yearbook signatures, fan mail, love letters, customer complaints, general feedback, zany internet humour and other stuff like that goes here

Sand Josieph: Eww! COOTIES!

I cannot let a lady feel cold and lonely. AGH - Kinkajou

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Please don't stop posting, the fora could use more tropers like you. —goodtimesfreegrog

Jayden isn't a bad person in my book.
- Iverum

Jayden's cool. And a fellow fan of Heavy Rain, which is nice. - The Jackal.

Vandalized for great justice! Nomnom is pretty cool. -a vandal

The toaster we will throw away
The rhinos we will lead astray
In a bathtub hot we'll lie and soak
Just hold me tight, let us provoke

~ Yours eternally, Tachi

Miss Hedgey baked you a peanut butter creme pie! Hope it's nice enough for you.

The funny thing is that people will ask for arbitrary/random stuff to be left in these sorts of personal walls, but those who leave that sort of stuff will be seen as weird especially if others have chosen to leave sane messages. ~Glenn Magus Harvey

Here's to a fine detective. - Krrackknut.

I haven't yet vandalized this page and I should feel bad for not having done so previously. Also, Uncanny ValleyShlapintogan

You are kewl! rumetzen PS. Can you send me some Tachi/Nomnom jaden slashfic plz?

The world needs moar crazy Japanese emoticons! ~Dracia

Just let me know if you need ehneythen. —Uncl Ghost

I don't remember any agents eating Nahman's last name in Heavy Rain. Oh well. ~Reecer6