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It's only checkers...It's only checkers...
"A troper am I..."
"Your last name is now Biffercanticus, the Unreferable."
"That qualifier of "polite" also works against trolls, since they get no satisfaction if they fail to anger anyone. This doesn't work against general nuisances like Sand Josieph, but as best as I can tell nothing works against Sand Josieph."

Sand Josieph is a normal troper at best, only seeing the glass as half-full if it's being filled and half empty if it is being emptied. He gets his name from the sandworm from the Beetle Juice movie as he didn't have glasses at the time and thought the name on the paper Beetlejuice was reading said Sand Joseph. He decided to be original and add an "i" before the "e" in Joseph and got Sand Josieph.

See SandJosieph for known Meta Sock Puppets.

Current Projects: The Gals Of Galaday, Joans Bosom, Scarlet And The Dark Fiends, and The Deadlund Handbook. See also, "Rise Of The Reapers", the companion piece for the Deadlund Handbook.

His current fan-projects are an Audio/Visual Book for Gunnerkrigg Court, as well as the Unofficial TV Tropes Fan Comic.

Has been known to push things a little too far...

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Tropes SJ has made up:

  • Third Person Promoter
  • Badass Sweetie
  • Pulling A Marjorie
  • What Do You Mean Its Not Stupid
  • Blame TV Tropes
  • Suburban Fantasy
  • Fourth Wall Banger
  • the Wiki Witch of the Web
  • A Practice Article
  • blank

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A Slave to the Index

Seduction Tropes

Nornology: "Going Sane In A Crazy World"

Bigonkers [[supersecretspoiler: Bigonkers]]

Has been meaning to look into...

Bloody Jacky



I suddenly got this idea while coming to work. Basically, it's a beach episode for the minor characters while the main team is out on a mission. While at the beach, Kathirynn is kidnapped (Katnapped?) by someone (perhaps a fictite) who lusts after her, what with her being Ms. Fanservice and everything. The kidnapper tries to put up a ransom, spurring the other characters to take action. As it turns out, Kat manages to free herself and meets up with the team at the halfway point. Due to Kat's performance at the beach, she is now nine months pregnant. There was some time travel involved, of course, due to


[[supersecretspoiler: testing testing 123 this is just a test]]



Hey you! I was at work today and getting really annoyed at this robot whose bolts wouldn't tighten, and blurted out: "I'VE HAD IT UP TO MY BIGONKERS WITH YOU!" All activity ceased and everyone stared at me. - TJ

Sand Josieph can draw fucking squids. - Clearall


You like endosomataphillia, that is so cool -Tropers/Sabrinadiamond

How do you get a ptitle to work for a nonexistent page? - Anonymous User

Please continue Joan's Bosom! It was awesome :) - Darkclaw

EH! STEVE! - Pumpy Clumpy Heartlessmushroom

My story lead characters are generally males who turn into females or males who want to be females. Hope that answered your sig question. - Metalitia

Alternative Title(s): Sand Touhousieph


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