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Obligatory descriptions require energy not accessible at this day and age, especially with the tiny encouragement brought by this flimsy magazine which stands no chance against the mighty paperbacks, which are claimed to roam the bookstores of legend, right next to the holy Leo's Coffee, which contained said magazine that seemed worthy enough when previously accompanied by hot chocolate. Alas, no such energy exists at the moment, so Miss Hedgey is left to sit plainly and huggle her Christmas teddy bear in hopes that the scorching cocoa shall cool enough to parch those chapped lips and indulge in its sweetness, which may or may not include a peppermint savor.

In all seriousness though, there's not much more plain you can get unless you go to your daily moe store. Despite the informalities, there are rules that must be followed lest the lukewarm wrath be released on this world.

  • All contributions by Miss Hedgey shall be acknowledged to be that of her plush kittie, who is most likely a more useful editor.
  • Miss Hedgey does not wish to be referred to as Hedgey, but if you still call her that then I guess it's okay...I guess.
    • NO HEDGEY!
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated unless said vandalism is performed while wearing silly hats.
    • Said vandalism will also avoid putting things out of order. Everything needs to be nice and neat! Anything that isn't neat shall be neatified! I have a maid outfit and I know how to use it!

Also, Miss Hedgey has a webcomic she's not very proud of shamelessly plugging, but whatever pays the bills, right? Okay, vandalism and free hats now.

Hat Applications

A Troper who needs to fill out this page already Finally - Scholastica
Purple is a fruit! - Spain Sun
Another one of those promising new people. - Kinkajou
My hat is made out of Kangaroo, is that silly enough? Mason
Vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICE -Outta The BLAM
I'm wearing my DS as a hat while typing this. We cool? -Fawriel
*dons a Carmen Miranda style fruit hat (covered in purples) and vandalizes your page* -Ozbourne
Terribly nice. :3 —Blackmoon
Leaves you a cup of warm tea and traditional Scottish scones.-Tuefel
Aaaw, you shouldn't have. o///o Besides, you're the one who's so moe that you reached Shipping Magnet status within a few days. -Epitome
I'm going to just leave this mercury-filled top hat here. -Kabikku
Ayyyy d^_^b —Willy Four Eyes
Smile, dearie. Does wearing Cheese-It the sock monkey as a hat count? He's got a hat...-Buttercupistiny
Here's to you, Miss Hedgey. May you forever be adorable. ; ) - Krrackknut.
Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Hedgey is also a cutie :3 — goodtimesfreegrog
Thanks for the peach cobbler! — Glenn Magus Harvey
Nonsense! You get lots of love too! *drops off a strawberry rhubarb pie here* —a vandal
You're pretty awesome. —Ponicalica
No Hedgey? Fine then, you are Plantwall. -Hydrall
Set me on fire - your number one fan.