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Runic, or Rune, or whatever else you wish to name the person, is a relatively old hat when it comes to the TV Tropes website. They've lurked for forever, and occasionally return to the forums to spontaneously post a bunch before disappearing again. Yet, the person seems to be an enigma. They write, apparently, but have nothing to show for it. They participate in RPG's. They do origami. They have a fractured personality, and a bad habit of switching avatars like crazy. No one's really certain if they're a boy or a girl, save a few trusted individuals.


In an case, they're very weird.

Have fun editing with randomness. Feel free to add to the list, change it, rearrange it, or just scrawl a bit o' graffiti on it.

Tropes that apparently apply to Runic:

(Leftover from an old forum game of applying tropes to tropers:)

     Runey-chan~: The Forum game 

Comment, question, answer box:

You like foxes, that sets your status in my eyes instantly to Pretty Cool Guy. Sorry the signature is an "outgoing" URL, but for some reason WikiWord didn't work. ~Kur Fox
  • They changed it recently. You have to add Tropers/ before the {{}} now for people. Weird, I know... But thanks, though I should hold up a mirror. That comment applies to you as well. —Runic

You own an alphabet, congratulations! —Justice4243

  • Huh. I think I've looked at these and tried to learn them before, but I mostly tried to adapt them into a Cipher for writing. I think I eventually gave up and learned Tengwar instead. —Runic

You and I have spoken in the past. It was pleasant. Let's do it again sometime. —Lucky Revenant

  • Sure! Hope to see you around. —Runic

Listen all 'yall, it's sabotage! Runic is a bro. Or a sis? Whichever. —goodtimesfreegrog

  • Even you're not sure, are you? Doesn't help that I'm mildly bi in certain cases. Ahaha. —Runic

Sorry if I've been pushy or rude to you today (25.5). Specifically, in regards to your forum avatar. — Kerrah

  • Hey, you've been fine. I just found it funny that every game I posted in immediately commented on the avatar with either "OMG FURFAG" or liking it a lot, If You Know What I Mean. —Runic

You're an awesome person and I hope to see you around more. - Flanker 66

  • Glad you think so. Not many people do. Hope to see you around more as well. ^-^ —Runic

You are now the proud owner of my pants. Don't you feel special? :3 —Blackmoon

  • Who knew your pants were so easy to get into, eh? At least they look good~ —Runic

You seem like a Pretty Cool Guy... Girl...Guy... goddammit. You're a pretty cool PERSON. —Shlapintogan

  • Ehehe. Thank you, Pinto. —Runic

Thank you very much, good sir! -bows- Nice to finally meet you, then! -outstretches hand- :D You're pretty cool, so expect me to talk to you more often! —Epitome

Runic's pretty cool. S/he is nice to have around. — The Jackal

Fear naught!

Luigi wants you to know that nobody expects the Second Bananish Green Star Inquisition. ~ CapedLuigisYoshi

Hi Runic. I don't talk with you much but you are FUN and COOL. * Vandalizin'* - Jseblan

Can I have a hug? :3 - The Fan

I like having you on this site, Runik. Us of the Ambiguous Gender must stick together. ~ Aliroz The Confused.

You wanted me to say hi, so... hi.

Hi there, I like your avatar <3 -Parakaitz

Yo, I heard you like vandalism, so I put some vandalism in your designated vandalism area. - Ronka87

Slaanesh! -The Great Pie

-does a thumbs up to Runic; eats popcorn-

Godot Was Here.

I don't even want to imagine the amount of research you spent on my VG Music round, but you ended up being the one to solve the song and the game. Congrats, and hello from the forums. See you around! —Sabre's Edge

Sorry I didn't guess about you in the "Guess about the next troper" thread —Tropers/wellinever

What is today's world like?-Xiphos Orochi 666


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