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You go all-the-way Fan, and we'll scream "OMG 'ERES DE PIMP" whenever you come in.
It's true. We had a meeting once to decide the proper greeting for you, and that was what won out over "HEIL DEM FAN".
Fawriel on Fan-greeting etiquette.

Oh, hello.

I am The Fan. Welcome to my page. You can add whatever tropes you think I'm associated with below. Below that is the Fanon Rangers. Below that is vandalization space. Below that is a place for troper quotes I need to put in my signature eventually.


I trust no one will do anything too absurd.

Don't believe in me, believe in The Fan who believes in you!

Tropes People associate with The Fan


The Fanon Rangers

Created because I'm just that kind of person, the Fanon Rangers are the official spandex tights-wearing heroes of TV Tropes.

In the beginning God created Canon.

Now the Canon was formless and empty and darkness was over the surface of the deep.

And God said, "Let there be Loads and Loads of Characters." And there was a Cast of Snowflakes. God saw that Dark Is Not Evil and Light Is Not Good and did not divide them. Gray-and-Gray Morality remained and for a time it was okay.

Fans were created to admire the Canon and from them rose the Canon Corps. They learned the ways of the Canon and used them to defend against Dis Continuity and it's ilk.

Eventually, Fanon arose naturally from the world. The Canon Corps could not deal with the likes of Fan Dumb and Fan Haters on their own. An experimental group was formed, given powers and weapons, and set out to defend Fanon from those who would do it harm. For a time, it was good.

Xanon, the perfect balance of Canon and Fanon, existed in peace. Until it happened. In an effort to perform a Cosmic Retcon the world slipped. Canon became misaligned from Fanon and the Canon Corps turned. In a wave of Retcon the Fanon was attacked.

The Fanon Rangers stood against the people who had made them, aiming to stop this aggressive Retconning and prevent Continuity Lockout.

Fanon Rangers

"Welcome to Xanon, the vast sea of the possible. There are countless isles of Canon here—bastions of reality created and controlled by the Author, and maintained by the belief of the Fans. They're not bad places, not most of em, all told.

"But we see a better world...we know that Canon is not absolute. Each and every one of us has the ability to shape the world we live in. We're gonna let people know, and we're gonna stand up for their right to choose.

"You've probably heard about us from the Canon Corps—our enemies, dedicated to the enforcement of 'What Is'. They say we're dangerous.

"They're right." Haven

"Our job is to preserve the Balance."Kinkajou

"They were one... once. Once the more militant members of the Canon and Fanon movements collided, though, we had to take up a stand.

We stood up. To both." - Also Kinkajou

"If it's Fanon or Canon... Those are just minor details. To me, the only thing that matters is that Xanon is okay."The Fan

The Fan






Tuefel Hunden IV

The Canon Corps

"At one point this world—Xanon as it was—was contaminated with the toxic thoughts of Fanon. But then there was a split. We purified ourselves. We cleared ourselves of these dangers brought on by zealous Fans. We created a true Canon." Ponicalica

"The Canon doesn't need the fans. It can do without their filth and waste and self-induced plot holes."Iverum

Big Bad Iverum

The Dragon Lemurian




Applies to entire Corps

The Fan Hater Rangers.

The Fan Haters, like the Fanon Rangers, wish to see change in the current canon - however, instead of attempting to influence change through implementing new ideas, the Fan Haters seek to simply destroy the original canon - and all less-than-perfect Fanon (read: all Fanon) in their entireties. Taking to heart the ideas that things can't get any worse and that anything anyone else has come up with sucks anyway, they seek to simply destroy the Canon in its entirety, and keep the Fanon Rangers from recreating the Seriesunless they can create the perfect Script. (Of course, being pessimistic perfectionists, it is unlikely that anyone would be able to create a script that pleases their majority for the next century.) They are known for having invented - and having put to liberal use, to this day - compound IJBM-13, a high-energy-density putty explosive.



Buttercup Is Tiny

Nessel Rode Also known as Nariko Luka

  • Villainous Harlequin
  • Les Yay- unintentional, but can be seen the other way easily
  • Femme Fatalons
  • Leitmotif- Scissor Dance from Clock Tower 3
  • Morality Pet- Buttercup, ever since she let him give her a makeover. (Tofu is also unwittingly this. She'll kill any other Ranger, but you go near Tofu and she WILL hurt you. She even calls Tofu "my pet" because of her short height. After she wakes up she begins to call her "my memory".)
  • Samus Is a Girl- She's not revealed to be a female until Tofu shows up- in which Tofu finally explains who Nariko was and cue Nariko going "* squee* You DO remember!"
  • Noodle Incident- Once tried to give a makeover to Gravitas. The story changes every time from extremity broken to implements of escape, but the fact at one point Nessel tried to make their boss a pretty pretty princess.
  • Backstory


The abomination that is Fan Dumb.

  • The Fan Dumb are those that, in practicing the arcane art of Wild Mass Guessing, fall wayside to the influence of the Epileptic Trees and Voodoo Sharks. They range from those intelligent enough to destroy the creations of others through implementing their own twisted creations, to those rendered peabrained by their power and incapable of nothing but spouting nonsense. It is possible to recover from Fan Dumb, but doing so requires conscious, rational effort, a feat which most of the Converted are incapable of.



The Pariah.


Thank you, Barcode711, for coming up with this.

Wild Mass Guessing is the constructor's art, the magic that allows Xanon (collective term for Canon and Fanon) to be created. This creational practice is not entirely peachy, however - it is, after all, responsible for Epileptic Trees and Voodoo Sharks. Exposure to these failed creations - even one's own - can turn one to one of the many Fan Dumb; a strong mind and limiting exposure go a long way in preventing this.

  • Epileptic Trees are inert, failed pieces of canon. Exposure is dangerous, but easily avoidable and treated.
  • Voodoo Sharks are much more dangerous, and include any major plot elements or characters being introduced or altered. Care must be taken to avoid any interaction with these pieces of plot; they are usually much harder to ignore and farther-reaching.
    • Addition from Kyler Thatch: Voodoo Sharks pose a major threat to Xanon, as they can tear open new Plot Holes in their wake, in some cases leaving enough residual Handwavium to turn these Plot Holes into new Voodoo Sharks. Left unchecked, you might find yourself facing entire groups of these twisted creations.
  • Plot Holes: A swirling patch of void space created by a logical inconsistency in the plot during the process of Wild Mass Guessing. Left untreated, the larger specimens can damage their surroundings, leaving empty space where there once was a promising story. Can be stabilized with proper application of a Handwavium patch (and indeed, many areas of Xanon rely on stabilized Plot Holes to thrive), but this process is a double-edged sword—mistakes in this process can instead result in the creation of Epileptic Trees and Voodoo Sharks instead. Of course, a more reliable (if somewhat more laborious) method of dealing with Plot Holes is to reconstruct the plot in question to remove the inconsistency, but let's face it, people get lazy sometimes and just opt for the Handwavium patch. -Thanks again, Kyler.
  • Thank you Buttercup for the first organized plotting we have thus far.
  • Fanon Rangers Gaiden that Eevee was nice enough to come up with.

Do your worst, tropers.


I recommend your work, especially with the redirects. ~ Arcadiarika


Vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICEa vandal

I'm applying my VANDALISMKnighted

The Fan! Someday, somehow... I'll fight you, and I'll WIN! - Flanker 66

Hello, leadaaaah. (smile!) Please don't get everyone hurt. I get tired when I have to heal so much!- The Staff Chick

I'm warm. Can I turn you on? -Charlatan

Cccooooll. Wwwheeennn I taaalllk into yyyooou mmy vvvvoice sssoundzzz allll funnyyyy! -Freezair For A Limited Time



I've been wanting to vandalize here for a while, but I got intimidated. You and I should talk more. :) - Keybreak

12 * 17 = 204. -Yarrunmace

You are a top notch poster. I wish I knew you better ~ Aliroz The Confused

You want a Cool Sword, huh? Uh... *digs around* How about this one? It was just lying around, I'm sure it's not the least bit important. —Blackmoon

I have not done this. Why have I not done this? Good Lord. Anyway, here's to a fine bro, a good fellow, and a lucky bastard. - Krrackknut

New name, new face, blah-blah-blah. Good to have you back. - Kraken.

Leradny enjoys reading your posts whenever she comes across them, though she doesn't actually respond to many.

The faeries would like to have a word with you about the sucking air tunnels of doom. - a faerie

I've been through a lot, but I see my rival's still popping up. - Kinkajou

The Fan's Signature Corner

  • [comical retort to The Fan earning his way into his signature] -Black Dove on getting into my signature.
  • Haha, you lovable bastard you :D —goodtimesfreegrog on my attention sp— Hey, a nickel! :D

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