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Justice4243 has too much free time at his work as a Business Intelligence Analyst, so he edits pages. He also found time to type up this description.

Pages Justice4243 has written all/most of the description:

Justice4243 has also submitted most of the trope examples and picture for Futakoi Alternative.

He also created the "[lol]" icon on the fora.

[[supersecretspoiler:He is also Justice.]]

He also likes to post inane nonsense

Strawberries and Banana in blender this morning, milk and nonfat yogurt , too. This fruit is afraid of me. I have tasted its true juices. The insides are full of vitamins and the vitamins are good for my body, they must be drank. The accumulated mass of all their liquids and pulp will foam up about the top and my cup of smooth, refreshing pink liquid will shout "Don’t drink me!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No." -Justice in Troper Udates


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