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Will type up a description of myself whenever. And by whenever, I mean that I'm going to slowly add to this page over the next (insert time period here).

Just a random stranger passing through. Really, that's just about all the impact that this person has made on the community. Anyways, CapedLuigisYoshi, or possibly Cly, is from somewhere in Marin County. Starting out at the official Nintendo forums, she soon discovered many webcomics that were... enjoyed at the time. Inspired, Cly eventually started a comic in that style, titled "Cly's Super Comics". It... was not good, only having OCs and suffering from Schedule Slip. Some 13 or 14 comics (and over a year) later, Cly put up the comic's second filler, starring a group of Pokemon colloquially known as the Extreme Team. Shortly afterwards, Cly realized that they had much more potential than the main series, and abandoned the original comic in the beginning of a Pokemon/Mario crossover arc. The Extreme Team wasn't exactly popular, but none of her threads were really noticed anyways. It didn't help that, some four months later, the Nintendo forums closed down.

Cly eventually found refuge on a forum called The Gaming Guild. That didn't last long, however, and stuff was soon moved to the more friendly Two Cousins Forum (made by Gizbit99 and his cousin). The comics were decently liked by the forum-goers there, and even though Schedule Slip was still happening, Cly managed to start up another comic called "Kirby's Dreamland Adventures" in the meantime. Unfortunately, the forum's community eventually collapsed under heavy argument (READ: the admins being douchebags and idiots. -Gizbit99, TCF Admin)

The Kirby comic was partially spared due to having already been backed up on Smackjeeves, but The Extreme Team went for a long stretch only being available on an obscure Freewebs site. Eventually, though, Cly got fed up and moved the Extreme Team to Smackjeeves, in an attempt to get actual readers. This sealed the fate of the Kirby comic.

...Or not, since after a constant battle back and forth between which of the two comics was on hiatus, Kirby's Dreamland Adventures won out. It's still going to this day, while the Extreme Team finally got fully discontinued in 2012 or so.

Oh, but that isn't even getting to the other (simultaneous) half of the story. One time around 2002 or 2003, Cly was playing around with eraser caps, as usual. Inspiration struck, and soon she had thought up a character known as Bupim. Bupim's adventures (only available in Cly's head, of course) started out as simple ripoffs of other things (though added was a central theme of "Victory Items". New characters were added over time, such as Robo-Bupim, Bupim's cyborg-ish brother who has recently become an airhead, Angelo, and of course the intended-as-Demoted Boss Big Victory Guy (BVG), who became to Bupim what Bowser is to Mario. Soon, Cly started channeling these thoughts into actual doodles, with school agendas becoming prime areas for storylines (which introduced many characters). Years later, the universe of Bupim has been filled out with much story potential and Loads And Loads Of Characters... and yet, Bupim's internet presence has been nothing but a few cameos on the Extreme Team. Not much has been done about that (I mean, there's the videos, but those were crap).

Also, RP stuff? I'll write this in later, maybe.

The name is a Super Mario World reference, of course.

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