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This troper is best known for being the authority in all things Star Wars. Doubt it? Challenge him on this page. He is also a large fan of the Pendragon series of literature, and tends to be referred to as "Yet another" AU version of Deadpool, competing with T-Ray and Wade Wilson, for the title of the craziest man alive. Also, TWEWY is his favorite single game, and FF is obviously his favorite series. He's also a big fan of The Pendragon Adventure. Apparently, an ENTP personlity....I believe it.


Tropes that apply to Xiphon III (little help filling it out?)


LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER. -Epic Lover (Triple 7)

  • Wow. Quite thorough. You're even the "Edit Reason"'s father. Nice. Also, Triple 7? Always been more of an Oji fan, myself.

*poke* heya- Spain Sun

Hello. I'm waiting for the sprite comic, hope it's awesome. -Kinkajou

Maybe TV Tropes didn't so much ruin your life as Tetris did. -a vandal

(plays the Tetris theme) ~ Arcadiarika

  • Damn you!

Good work on the comic! ~ Zyxzy

How many planets did the Death Star destroy? - Parable

Sounds like a trick question. Which one? If you mean the first one, Alderaan. If I'm correct in my recollection of the various books(I haven't read all of them, unfortunately, so this is heresay), I think the second may have destroyed something when testing functionality as well...

  • Looks it up* Damn you and your fake trick, just Alderaan. I concede a temporary loss...

Awaiting patiently for the fruits of our labors. - Krrackknut.

Indeed. Something is wrong on the Internet. Go on, boy, get 'im! - Flanker 66

Who had Alderaan detroyed? -Parable

  • Now, that can be interpreted several ways. Leia, by her refusal to share information, Vader, because of the obvious, or Grand Moff Tarkin, because he is the one who physically gave the order to fire the weapon to the crew. Although I suppose you could say the crew did...cause they fired it and all...
    • What about the Death Star itself, which was what actually physically fired the laser? Or the rebels, who were opposing the Empire and probably drove Vader to pursue planetary destructio- *brick'd* ~Caped Luigis Yoshi

The force is strong with this one. - Krrackknut.

What was the name of Lando's co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon during the Battle of Endor? —Sean Murray I

  • Sorry. Havent checked here in a while. I honestly cannot remember, though it was probably a member of red squadron. Do I get points for knowing Wedge Antilles was his wingman?
    • Ooh, I know this one! Nien Nunb, a Sullustan. Not sure if I spelled it right though. —Montagohalcyon
What is Luke Skywalker's shoe size?- [1]
  • Only an 8 1/2, American. Now, Mark Hamill's shoesize is something completely different.

Why do stormtroopers wear that armour if it can't even stop a shot from a blaster pistol? Also, since you asked for vandalism *Spraypaints graffiti all over the walls* — Balmung

  • Intimidation. You see a bunch of guys in that armor coming after you, might need your brown pants.

You ask for vandals and the vandals cometh. SO, howzit goin'? -Jinjoman

What are the aliases of the man who threatens Luke in the Mos Eisley Cantina? —Premonition45

What are the name and species of the alien whose arm Ben Kenobi cuts off in A New Hope? How many alien species are introduced in the movie series that are stated to be immune to Jedi Mind Tricks? What was Corran Horn's alias in I, Jedi? What is Mace Windu's biggest distinction from the other Jedi note ? What are ysalamiri and why are they special? (Welcome to the Arena, BTW.) —Artemis92

  • I hate you...I'll guess on the mind trick thing. One. Whatever the hell Watto is.
    • WRONG! >:) answers 
  • Am I allowed to answer any of these? Because I kind of want to... —montagohalcyon
    • Go right ahead. I concede defeat. But you can't tell me you know all of these either!
      • Well, Artemis92 beat me, but I knew all except how many species in the movies were immune to the force—Hutts and Toydarians, yes, but I thought it was a trick question—I figured there'd probably be minor species in background scenes like the cantina that might fit too. Also, Ponda Baba's name slipped my mind, but I did remember he was an Aqualish. BTW, Kieran's last name was Halcyon, it's where I got part of my username—I was roleplaying in KOTOR that my character was an ancestor of Corran. Shatterpoint is indeed awesome. Ysalamiri are introduced in The Thrawn Trilogy and have showed up several times since; force negation is a useful thing to have.
  • Hiya, Xiph. :3 - Hobgoblin
  • Our Skype chats are pretty much the best thing ever, especially when there are Disney sing-a-longs. —Serenitas
  • I'm Rinoa? Awesome! Can I be the Dead Fantasy version? She's awesome. — angelistoftenshi
    • Nope, sorry. We need you shipped with Allan, and that version has no men. xD
  • I don't know what the below is about, but FFVIII is pretty cool. Also, I don't mind if the FE 7 draft takes like a year to finish, haven't died, have you?— montagohalcyon, again
    • No, I'm justa little busy. I will finish sooner or apologies.
      • Nah, it's fine. I wrote that back when you hadn't posted in the thread for a long time and I thought you might have forgotten. I haven't made any progress myself for over a month despite being only a few chapters from the end.

  • Baka onii-chan. ~Risetteer
    • You know you love me. -suggestive pose and eyebrow wiggle-

  • You want Star Wars? Star Wars you'll get. Who uttered the following quote, and in which game? "You can begin your advance momentarily." -desdendelle

  • You're pretty gosh darn pleasing to the retinas, tbqfh.

  • You seem pretty cool. Happy birthday! -A random NTW Fer

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