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The ol' standard.

Describe Zyxzy here.

Well, I suppose I am overdue.

Zyxzy is a very private troper who has contributed to the following pages:




Tropes that apply to Zyxzy:

He first lurked in earlier times, before WMG, when Nightmare Fuel wasn't split up, and the Eva characters each had their own page. And then, after a needless period of anxiety, joined.

An incomplete list of works that I like.

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    Eastern Animation 



     Live Action TV 

    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

And now, to let Wiki Magic describe myself:


Zyxzy attack, a deadly Rei-spin weapon...

Reis. My God.

Zyxzy: possibly a minor Eldritch Abomination.

Haven: So lately I've noticed that you are one of the people who most takes an active interest in what everyone else is doing. Like, replies to random things people post in Troper Updates & such, and actually starts a conversation. Which makes me think that you really care in a very sincere yet not overbearing way. And, y'know, that's pretty nifty!

Though Xyxzy is indeed a Pretty Cool Guy, beware when clicking any links he posts on the forums...

How do you pronounce Zyxzy, anyway? The best I can do is "zig-zee".

Zyxzy is an inexorable and completely indispensable part of *is shot* - Wicked223

This comment has been brought to you by boredom. -Ozbourne


Greetings, my fellow film lover! -Outta The BLAM

I realised that I haven't yet editted your page and that's a crime. So, here I am. Fixing that. Not much else to say except that you're pretty damn awesome and that everything Haven said up there is true. -Lucky Revenant

You have excellent musical taste and I appreciate that. \../(^_^)\../ -Tropers/Phencer42

The Heart, and frequent victim (not perpetrator) of Rouge Angles of SatinHaven

He's a Nice Guy, but his avatar is a Mind Screw. -Bobby G

Ditto above, and my mind gets especially screwed when other people decide to erect variations of your avatar for themselves. Makes me dizzy. I imagine you rotating around your computer screen when you post.—Longfellow

"The horror!" —Ironeye, upon seeing Zyxzy's avatar.

Hey, cool! You like number stations as well. My personal favourite's the Lincolnshire Poacher. Check it out sometime. If you prefer the Nightmare Fuel side of things, then the Backwards Music Station should be your port of call. - Flanker 66

DANCING KIRBIES!! <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)> <(^^)> "Poyo~!"—Squealing Sandry

Toshiro Mifune is awesome and so are you. —Shlapintogan

My's full of Reis... - Krrackknut.

Thanks for building the Ikiru page and loving movies like I do. :) Brendan Steere

Baby, come back! You can blame it all on meeeeeeee... ;_;

Yay you're posting again! Longfellow

Cliché: I like how you listen to everybody. It makes expressing our feelings in Yack Fest more comfortable.

Vanthebaron: 1) I'm not Kennth 2)105.7

As a fellow Rei fan—in all of her incarnations, except for Rei 1 (the child who was strangled)—(and mindscrew in general, and Eisenstein fan)I had to add this. Cosman246

The faeries haven't been here before... they really should try letting me use the map on occasion. - Stolen By Faeries

I'm absolutely stunned he actually managed to discoer my story existed, and especially surprised he's the only one who isn't me to edit it. - Gyra Solune