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My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone, in fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others."

-I am Power Metal fan at heart, but love (almost)all metal. I like to read history books and and fantasy books. I am a oxyquilomanic (I love bladed weapons and own 3 swords, a twin stiletto set, and a dagger and I want MORE). I mostly watch History Channel, Cartoon Network, and BBCA. I am an Anti Theist, i think religion and faith are let over concepts from as Spider Jerusalem put it "the days when our brains weren't as connected up as they are now, and we all hallucinated daily".


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Vandalize Me

Smashing, isn't it? - Kuro Fox
The faeries have defiled your page. - StolenByFaeries If your reading this then you are in a dream.

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